Ed, Edd n Eddy

Nazz as the alien bait.

Zombie Aliens from Planet Rubark is a series Ed has memorized. It is unknown if it is a comic book or movie (although the fact that it is entitled "Mission Fourteen: Zombie Aliens From Planet Rubark" would seem to suggest that it is a horror/space comic). It is only mentioned in "The Eds are Coming." It seems to be a story about people strategically fighting zombie aliens. This series is divided up into missions, this specific one being mission fourteen. Ed has memorized most if not all of the quotes and related the circumstances in mission 14. It is used to deal with Rolf's "aliens." This seems to be the smartest thing Ed has ever read.

The one and only time it is mentioned (as "Mission Fourteen: Zombie Aliens from Planet Rubark") Ed quotes, "more often than not it is required to bait said aliens with human females to lure flesh consuming extraterrestrials from their lair," causing the kids to use Nazz as a bait in "The Eds are Coming."