Ed, Edd n Eddy

You Think It We Buy It is a scam where Eddy promised to pay prospective customers for their scam ideas. The scam was done because he couldn't come up with any way to scam Kevin in "Stuck in Ed," so he took Ed's advice to simply buy a scam. In this sense, the scam was essentially a venture capital firm. Eddy was given two prospective scams. The first was Jonny and Plank's "Penny Dance," which involved them dancing for pennies. Eddy didn't like this scam, so he rejected it. Jimmy also offered a scam, which he called Jimmy's Super Duper Scammy Whammy. After seeing all of the scam, Eddy refused to pay, as he thought it was a horrible idea. Fortunately for him, he got the idea to do a scam of his own after seeing Jimmy's scam; Find Out Your Hat Size. Unfortunately, Eddy's hat size scam tanked, while Jimmy's turned out to have worked excellently, garnering him immense amounts of profit. Jimmy can be seen wheeling off his profit in several wagons, much to Eddy's dismay.


  • This was the only scam with the intent to give money away.


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