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The Wrestling Match was an event that happened in "Tag Yer Ed." Contrary to the name, there were in fact two matches: one between The Masked Mumbler and Plank, and one between The Erupting Eds and The Calcified Kankers. Edd won in the first match, but in the second match the Eds lost to the Kankers.


The idea to wrestle came about as one of Eddy's non-scam-related projects: getting Edd to not be so weak. Eddy decided to do this after Edd was unable to throw a football more than a foot forward and made Rolf and Kevin laugh at his puny muscles. To this end, Eddy set up several exercise machines in the middle of the lane and had Edd work out on them. Unfortunately, Edd did horribly on all of them, failing to do even the simplest task and making the kids laugh at him. When this happened, Eddy realized that he had to move Edd's exercise regimen away from the prying eyes of the other kids.

Match 1: The Masked Mumbler vs. Plank[]

Eddy's solution was to make Edd into a wrestler. After he and Ed built a wrestling ring in the middle of the construction site, he tried to get Edd out of the portable toilet (called a "Masked Mumbler") so he could wrestle. Edd initially refused, so Eddy suggested that he live in there forever, which made Edd get out quickly. When he came out, he was dressed in a red leotard, belted around the waist, with a white lightning bolt on the front and a plunger with two eyeholes cut in it on his head.

Once Edd was ready to wrestle, the next obstacle was finding a challenging opponent. Eddy chose Plank as the opponent. While Jonny wasn't looking, Eddy stole Plank away, leaving behind a stump with a face drawn on it as a temporary replacement. He then brought Plank into the ring, and Plank and Edd got ready to wrestle.

Eddy started the match, and Edd immediately started doing poorly, almost losing to the board. Even though Plank is an inanimate piece of wood, he seemed to be losing to the board every chance he got. After a failed attempt to pump Edd up, Eddy gave up and just had Edd sit on Plank, and then declared The Masked Mumbler the winner. Shortly thereafter, Jonny arrived, and angrily declared that the Eds had cheated. Eddy laughed off the comments, but Jonny angrily kicked The Masked Mumbler in the shin, causing him to stumble into the Kankers, who had arrived out of nowhere. Soon, the Kankers challenged the Eds to a wrestling match.

Match 2: The Erupting Eds vs. The Calcified Kankers[]

For the second match, several more spectators showed up to watch. Eddy announced the competitors, with themselves as "The Erupting Eds" and the Kankers as "The Calcified Kankers". Eddy then forced a reluctant Edd into the ring to fight. Marie came up against Edd, and swiftly thrashed him, eventually tying him into a giant knot. Ed was the next one in, but he lost without even trying to fight, as he was told by his mom to never fight girls. Finally, the Kankers took on Eddy, and beat him worst of all, with Lee playing him like an accordion, all three of the Kankers flipping him like a pancake, and the girls finally defeating him by having him slingshot into Lee. With the Eds all defeated individually, the Kankers tied the Eds into a giant knot as the kids looked on.


The Kids all left after the Eds were defeated, laughing at how easily the Eds were taken down. The Kanker Sisters left as well, happy at having taken their "boyfriends" down a notch, and somewhat hungry. Although Eddy wasn't happy at having lost to the Kankers, his friends were content, as Ed still had the box of Chunky Puffs they were eating from earlier. While still tied up in the middle of the wrestling ring, Ed poured out some of the cereal on top of Eddy, and the trio proceeded to happily eat it even as they were tied together.




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