Ed, Edd n Eddy

The batter poured over the oil.

The World's Biggest Pancake was an attempt by the Eds to break the world record for making the largest pancake in the world, mentioned by Ed in "The Good Ol' Ed" when he found the spatula. The Eds were going to cook the pancake right on the street. They had covered the circle of the Cul-de-Sac with a significant amount of cooking oil, onto which a massive container of pancake batter that Eddy was mixing with a giant wooden spoon would later be poured.

However, trouble quickly ensued as the Kids mistook the oiled surface as a skating rink and began to play on it. Ed, unaware of this, poured the batter all over the kids and trapped them under the pancake. The pancake then cooked and Eddy checked under the pancake with the spatula, only to be pulled in and attacked by the kids.


  • It is possible that this never happened. After Ed told the story, Edd and Eddy were incredulous of it.


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