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"Who's Minding the Ed?" is the 10th episode of Season 5 and the 112th episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, Rolf puts Ed in charge of his animals while he goes away to a family reunion.


Eddy and Ed are wearing odd clothes and watching Kevin rake leaves through a knothole in the fence when Jonny comes up to them and asks what they're up to. Eddy, playing on Jonny's gullibility, says that Kevin's being attacked by a rabid rake and shows Jonny the scene. Jonny is quick to believe it, and he leaps the fence and jumps Kevin, trying to save him from the rake and conveniently dragging him away from the pile of leaves that Ed and Eddy jump into, as well as dragging poor Edd with them. When Kevin works himself free of the tangle, he comes towards the Eds, and they make a run for it, including the innocent Edd. While Kevin is yelling at them, Jonny leaps on him again, trying to get Kevin away from the rake.

The Eds have holed up in the lane, and two of them are giggling. Edd tries to lecture them on why what they're doing is wrong, but he is unable to complete his lecture, as Rolf comes up and grabs Ed, taking the boy away. Ed's friends follow, and they find Rolf giving instructions to Ed in his backyard. Rolf is putting Ed in charge of all his animals, or as Ed calls them, "furry friends", because he has to go to a family reunion. Rolf's instructions are thorough but rushed, and he runs off to go to his gathering.

As soon as Rolf leaves, Eddy asks what happened and learns about Ed's responsibilities. Eddy tries to get Ed to forget about doing it, but Ed ignores him and leads the animals to his house. Eddy, not willing to give up yet, turns to Edd for a plan only to hear support from that party as well.

Downstairs, Ed and the animals are in the kitchen when Sarah hears the commotion. She quickly comes down and yells at Ed to get rid of his friends. Ed tries to stupidly deny that the animals are even there, but Sarah will have none of it. Ed isn't willing to give up yet, however, and he moves the animals into his bedroom. Once they're all in, he starts playing with them in his crazy manner, despite Eddy's exhortations for him to throw out his pets and Edd's pointing out that Sarah isn't completely wrong. One of his games involves playing "fire truck" with a hose. Soon enough, though, the noise attracts Sarah's attention, and she yells down. Ed can only stand in the middle of his room, hose running.

Sarah angrily storms downstairs and throws the door to Ed's room open. The room is filled with water. Sarah's eyes bulge as the water suddenly floods out in a veritable tsunami, washing her against the dryer. Ed washes out as well, and he holds up a television, making the excuse that he was watching it. Sarah doesn't buy it, however, and she enters the room. Inside, she finds Edd climbing down from a ladder with a roll of tape and Eddy wringing out his ruined shirt. Sarah is still suspicious but, unable to prove anything, she goes back upstairs. Ed then reenters his room and congratulates his friends on fooling Sarah. At that moment, farm animals start falling from the ceiling. It seems that Edd had taped Ed's barnyard chums to the ceiling in order to evade detection from Sarah. Ed then takes them upstairs and soon rides downstairs with them on a sled. This once again draws Sarah's attention, and she kicks open the door to the basement only to see a crashed sled. Fed up, she enters Ed's room, which is empty. She begins to search it. As she searches, a tub moves behind her, leaving the room and heading upstairs. Once it gets to the living room, Ed turns the tub upside down and empties it of the animals he's stuffed inside.

After Ed empties the tub out, he runs off to find something for the next game. Eddy, fed up, heads to the door against Ed's foolishness. He has just reached it when it swings open into his face, Rolf on the other side. Rolf explains that his familial gathering was broken up by a fight, which happens quite often; as such, it is time to go home. He whistles for his animals, and they quickly pile into his handcart.

Once Rolf has left, Ed comes back, brandishing all kinds of sports equipment. He looks for his animals, but can't find them anywhere. When Eddy roughly explains what happened, Ed starts to weep. Edd takes his side once more, complaining about how Eddy is completely unfeeling. Eddy, well and truly fed up, says that he's had a problem with Edd on his back for the whole show. Suddenly, he gets an idea, and suggests to Edd that his idea might very well cheer Ed up. Edd, glad to finally get some cooperation from Eddy, agrees almost instantly.

Soon, however, Edd is regretting this easy participation. Eddy has dressed him up in a bunny costume, and Ed is practically slavering to get at his friend, only held back by a chain and a dog collar. Edd starts to lecture on how Eddy isn't being fair, and Eddy smirks and releases Ed. Ed leaps at Edd and begins roughly petting his friend, exhorting him to purr like a bunny. Edd at first complains that bunnies don't purr, but when he sees Eddy leaving, he becomes fearful of being left alone with Ed. Eddy explains that he'd love to help, but has an "obligation". Eddy's obligation turns out to be running a scam; he joyfully sets up a booth right outside Ed's window and offers to let people "Pet the Bunny" for only 25¢.


  • Goofs:
    • When Ed first enters his room, the sign on the door reads "Triffic" instead of "Traffic".
      • The door first appears undamaged. Just before Ed turns the hose on, a hole can be seen in the door, even though nothing caused damage to it. The hole then disappears in the next shot, but later reappears when Ed sleds down the stairs.
    • Ed leaves his bedroom door open upon entering his room. After Ed turns the hose on, the door is closed.
    • Ed hides the animals by taping them to his bedroom ceiling. Moments earlier, when Sarah opens the door, the ceiling is visible, but no animals are on it.
      • Rolf normally has one pig, Wilfred. In this episode, Rolf has two pigs.
    • After the basement floods, a box can be seen labeled as "Hotos" instead of "Photos".
    • In "3 Squares and an Ed", the living room was across from the basement entrance. In this episode, Ed has to go down the hall to reach it.
  • Eddy breaks the fourth wall when he laments about enduring Edd's complaining throughout the whole show.
  • Ed's flute playing is reminiscent of the folktale The Pied Piper of Hamelin.
  • Ed's hockey jersey resembles the ones worn by the Toronto Maple Leafs. This is yet another reference to Canada, where the show is produced.
  • Ed's baby picture from "Dear Ed," and Sarah's picture from "Ed in a Halfshell" can be seen on a table outside Sarah's room.


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