Ed, Edd n Eddy

Where No Ed Has Gone Before is an Ed, Edd n Eddy comic. In it, the Eds believe they have found an alien spaceship in the Woods. It was published by DC Comics in Cartoon Cartoons comic issue #31.


Jonny is playing with two hubcaps suspended from a stick, giving it the appearance of a flying saucer. Suddenly, Ed sees this "flying saucer" through his bedroom window, believing it to be real.

Meanwhile, in the Lane, Edd is showing Eddy his latest invention: a portable wash basin. Eddy is not impressed by this, though. Suddenly, an ecstatic Ed runs over to them, describing what he has just seen, while also accidentally destroying Edd's invention.

Believing the flying saucer has crash landed in the Woods, Ed hurriedly runs off to find it. With little objection, Edd and Eddy accompany him.

Soon, Ed finds something and shows it to Edd and Eddy. Upon examination, Edd is perplexed that wax crayon has been used for alien writing. Not long after, the Eds come across an alien spaceship.

Edd and Eddy are dumbfounded that Ed was actually on to something. Naturally, they have two different reactions. Eddy sees an opportunity to profit from this discovery. Edd, though, wants to investigate further, and requests that they all don radiation safety suits.

After Ed opens the hatch on top, they enter the ship. Upon observation of the items inside, Edd becomes increasingly suspicious as to why everything is of terrestrial origin.

The Eds then notice the silhouettes of three aliens. Ed greets them, Edd feels uneasy about this encounter, and Eddy demands the aliens show him the money.

Finally, the "aliens" reveal their true identities. They are none other than the Kanker Sisters. As it turns out, the entire crash site was staged to lure their "boyfriends" over. They even got Jonny to carry the "flying saucer" to attract Ed; bribing him with a granola bar.

As the Kanker Sisters apply lipstick, the Eds fruitlessly try to escape. In the final panel, the Eds scream as they get kissed by the Kanker Sisters.


  • Goof: Lee claims that she swiped green lipstick to kiss Eddy. When applied, though, her lips are red.
  • The title is a reference to the phrase "Where no man has gone before", popularized by the 1960's television series, Star Trek. Likewise, the font used for the title is reminiscent of the one used for Star Trek.
  • At the beginning, Ed is seen eating Buttered Toastie-O's Cereal, a nod to one of Ed's favorite foods.
  • The Kanker Sisters bribed Jonny with a granola bar for carrying the "flying saucer". In "3 Squares and an Ed", Eddy mentions that Jonny will perform any task for a handful of granola.