Where Babies Come From is a scam that Eddy came up with in the episode, "I Am Curious Ed." Eddy made the scam when he found out that Sarah and Jimmy wanted to know where babies come from. Eddy then told the two that he would tell them for 50 cents. Eddy brought Sarah and Jimmy to his garage to tell them. However, Eddy told a completely false story about babies growing from belly button lint and that they feed off of table scraps. This story scared Jimmy and Sarah appeared to not believe it. Edd then came in as "Buzzy Double Bee" to stop Eddy's plans and brought Sarah and Jimmy to his hive to teach them about queen bees reproducing. Ed came into the hive as "Captain Stork" since he believes that storks carry babies. Eddy also came into to the hive to yell at them. Eddy hit Ed, which caused Edd to hit him back. Before long, the Eds broke out into a fight and destroyed the hive. This caused Sarah and Jimmy to become uninterested and leave without paying Eddy, which made the scam a failure.


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