Ed, Edd n Eddy

Wedgies (misspelled and styled as weGeeS by Eddy on the sign) was a service in "Brother, Can You Spare an Ed?" done to pay Sarah back after Eddy tricked Ed into spending her fudge money on jawbreakers.

Scam Sections[]


The customers would give Ed or Edd a wedgie for 25 cents. Kevin bought in, paying Eddy six coins and giving the duo a few wedgies. Unfortunately, the money was not enough to completely pay back Sarah, and Kevin was tapped out, so Eddy moved on to another type of wedgie-based scam.


Eddy then offered Jonny the chance to hit the still-wedgied and hanging from a tree Ed and Edd. In addition to this, whatever fell out could be kept by Jonny. Jonny agreed, and hit Edd four times, receiving only a shoe. When he moved on to Ed, one hit garnered him a mountain of sludge, from which he took the coconut bikini Ed had worn earlier in the episode, mistaking it for coconut earmuffs. However, the strain of this led to Ed and Edd's underwear breaking. Angry, Edd comes up with a final scam of his own with Ed. They captured Eddy as part of it.

Hitting a Wedgied Eddy[]

The scam that Ed and Edd set up was one where Eddy (hanging from a tree branch by his underwear) could be smacked in the chin with a teeter-totter, sending him flying, for just one cent. Unlike the previous two scams, the focus was not so much on paying Sarah back as it was on getting revenge on Eddy. It had broad appeal, with all of the kids showing up to attempt it. Sarah and Jimmy were also okay with it, as it meant they got to be entertained with seeing Eddy in pain. Eventually, the Eds pulled in a giant bag of pennies, courtesy of Rolf, who wanted to have several attempts at smacking Eddy.


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