Ed, Edd n Eddy

Water-Ed Down is an Ed, Edd n Eddy comic. In it, the Eds attempt a water slide scam. It was published by DC Comics in Cartoon Cartoons comic issue #20.


The Eds are outside on a hot summer day. While Edd is infatuated with his sidewalk egg frying experiment, Eddy is becoming increasingly bothered by the temperature. As such, he conceives an idea for a scam: a water slide.

The Eds head off to a grassy area. Knowing Edd's knack for ingenuity, Eddy has him come up with the water slide design. When the plans are finished, the Eds begin construction. A flyer outside the construction zone dubs the attraction the "World's Coolest Water Slide".

With the water slide completed, the Eds perform a test run. This does not go as planned, though, as Edd forgot to run a hose to it. The result was that the Eds wore holes in their swimsuits. Remedying the situation, Edd goes to get his hose.

With a water source ready, Eddy attempts to get the slide operational. When Edd turns the valve, though, no water comes out. Quickly spotting what's wrong, Edd tells Ed that his foot is on the hose, causing a large backup. Upon moving his foot, the hose bursts.

In the final panel, the Cul-De-Sac is flooded. Still seeing a way to make a profit, Eddy says the attraction is now the "Ed-Pool".


  • Goof: In one panel of the last page, the white stripes on Ed's shirt are green like his jacket.
  • The title is a reference to the novel Watership Down.
  • At the end, Ed calls himself "Shampoo - the Radioactive Whale". This is a reference to "Shamu", the famous stage name used for several captive performing orcas at SeaWorld.