Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ed playing his violin.


Nazz and her violin.

The Violin is a musical instrument only seen in "Pain in the Ed" and "Smile for the Ed."

In "Pain in the Ed", Ed's mother forces him to play it for unknown reasons. Throughout the episode, Sarah makes sure Ed practices, or else she will tell on him. Upon first seeing the instrument, Eddy states his belief that violins are for sissies. Edd does not share this belief, expressing his excitement to hear Ed play. Ed, however, is not very skilled at playing it, much to the dismay of the Kids in the Cul-de-Sac. Strangely, Jonny thinks Ed's playing is great, and comes to have a liking for Ed's music.

After hearing the cacophonous music being played, Eddy desperately wanted to destroy Ed's violin even with his friends' warnings about Jimmy spying on them for Sarah. Despite putting an intricate plan into motion, the violin is inadvertently destroyed by Edd when he trips and falls on it. Ed then substitutes the destroyed violin by using Eddy's three hairs to practice and avoid Sarah's wrath.

Nazz is shown to play the violin in music class in "Smile for the Ed."