This blog is going to talk about what projects might happen over the course of 2018 and some questions dealing with said projects. This blog will be updated periodically; as soon as a project is completed, the title of it will be struck through.

Sound Effects Page

It has been suggested that a page be created to list the sound effects that are used repeatedly for the show, such as the “movitalong” yell, the doorbell, and other various sound effects that helped give the show its aural flavor.

Trivia Cleanup

As always, cleaning up trivia is an ongoing project; basically, we need to weed out junk (generally defined as things that should be fairly obvious or speculation) from actual interesting facts.

Quotes Cleanup

It would likely be helpful to clean up the quotes sections on the episode and character pages. This would included having them properly formatted and the quotes being listed in alphabetical order. Furthermore, we should likely have a number of quotes/dialogue; I suggest a minimum of 5 pieces and a maximum of 10 for normal episodes, and a minimum of 8 pieces and a maximum of 15 for half-hour long episodes/specials.

Production Images

Various production images have popped up around the wiki; I suggest we formulate a way to properly showcase these images. (I believe they for the most part have been taken from various A.K.A. Cartoon Facebook posts.)

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