Ed, Edd n Eddy

The swallowtailed flag of the Urban Rangers.

The Urban Rangers Flag is the official flag of the Urban Rangers. The design features a hand in the shape of an L. It is used as an identification banner, as seen in "An Ed in the Bush" and "The Good, The Bad and The Ed." It is also a ceremonial banner, as seen in "Mission Ed-Possible," when Rolf gets the Report Card Delivery Badge. It is lowered to half-mast when the Eds get sentenced to the lard-slide "walk of shame" in "Oath to an Ed."

Meaning, Shape and Dimensions[]

The flag is light blue and light yellow, representing the official colors of the Urban Rangers. It is charged with the yellow salute insignia of the Urban Rangers situated in a white ellipse. The flag is usually swallowtailled with approximate dimensions of 4:9.

Alternate Flag[]

A different flag was used in "The Good, The Bad and The Ed" when Eddy and Rolf competed for the Hairy Chest of Resilience Badge. The flag was purely ceremonial, as it featured the muscular torso insignia of the badge. It is most likely used only for that ceremony. The flag was white with red trim, and was charged with the yellow muscular torso situated in a red circle. All the colors of the flag were regular badge colors. As with most Urban Ranger flags, this one was also swallowtailed. The dimensions are approximately 2:5.



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