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The Urban Rangers.

The Urban Rangers are a Boy Scout-style organization introduced in "Oath to an Ed" consisting of Rolf, Jimmy, Jonny 2x4, and Plank. They earn badges and medallions for different tasks completed which are usually just normal, everyday tasks. They appear to often take camping trips to the woods as a chance to earn certain camping badges seen in "An Ed in the Bush."

The Eds once attempted to join the Urban Rangers in hopes of earning a copy of their uniform, however, they were dishonorably discharged because they could not earn a single badge (largely, in part, due to Ed and Eddy). Now, because of that, Eddy has a severe grudge against them and often tries to prove that the Urban Rangers (or "Urban Losers" as he calls them) are a bunch of "phonies" in a way to exact revenge on them. His attempts to downplay the rangers fail and leave him in disgrace. The "Wee Roach" seems to be the lowest rank in the Urban Rangers, as new members start out as Wee Roaches.

It's revealed in "The Good, The Bad and The Ed" that the Urban Rangers have existed for sometime over fifty years. People who are not Urban Rangers can be temporarily sworn into the organization through the Urban Ranger Handbook, as seen in "Ed Overboard."

Urban Rangers Train[]

The Urban Rangers Train is only seen in the episode "The Good, The Bad and The Ed." It is used in the last test to earn the Hairy Chest of Resilience badge. It was seen on the train track that runs though the Mountain Range. The train appears to be a generic steam locomotive with the Urban Ranger's insignia on the front of it which is a hand making an L shape.

Badges and Awards[]

Urban Rangers Flag[]


The Urban Ranger uniform consists of mostly yellow and blue. They have a red neckerchief and a hat that seems to be a blue rag.


  • Rolf (Leader)
  • Jimmy (Ranger)
  • Jonny 2x4 (Ranger)
  • Plank (first a wee roach, but then got promoted to ranger in "Oath to an Ed")
  • Ed (originally a wee roach in "Oath to an Ed")
  • Edd (originally a wee roach in "Oath to an Ed", then a temporary ranger as of "Ed Overboard")
  • Eddy (originally a wee roach in "Oath to an Ed," then a temporary ranger as of "Ed Overboard," and lastly, a contender for the Hairy Chest of Resilience badge in "The Good, The Bad and The Ed")


  • Wee Roach: The beginning rank. The Eds were wee roaches, but failed to earn even one badge and were discharged.
  • Ranger: Promoted after earning one badge and stays like that until the Ranger quits.
  • Leader: The Ranger that is responsible for handing out badges earned and running the events.
  • Grand Poobah of the International Urban Rangerhood: The person who created the Urban Rangers. It was only mentioned by Ranger Jimmy in "The Good, The Bad and The Ed".


The Urban Rangers have had seven appearances in the show.

Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3:

Season 4:

Season 5:


  • The Urban Ranger salute is also the hand gesture for "loser". It is worth noting that Eddy and Kevin often refer to them as "The Urban Losers".
  • Upon a ranger's entrance, an arrival of mail or the presentation of a medal, a few notes are played on the bugle by either Jonny or Jimmy.
  • In the MMOG game FusionFall, Eddy (who's king of the Cul-de-Sac) has an army of Urban Rangers, who act as shop owners and guards to the cardboard fortress (a giant fort, made of cardboard boxes, that surrounds the Cul-de-Sac). The guards carry wooden swords. They are all NPCs. Players may obtain an Urban Ranger uniform if they have Edd as their guide. Notable Urban Rangers in FusionFall include Ranger Joey & Ranger Melissa, who guard the cardboard fortress surrounding the Cul-de-Sac.
  • In Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show, Rolf and Jimmy, along with the other kids, forgive the Eds for their wrongdoings, while Jonny and Plank replace the Eds as the neighborhood's outcasts. It is unknown how this will affect the Urban Rangers.
  • The Urban Rangers perform tasks for Peach Creek Jr. High such as hand-delivering report cards to students' parents, and delivering mail from students' pen-pals.
  • As shown in numerous episodes, the Urban Rangers have their own "official" gear (e.g. Swiss army knives, water bottles, rakes, etc.) bearing their logo.
  • The Eds only needed one badge in order to become Urban Rangers (as told by Rolf). However, Eddy receives the "Crybaby Boohoo Badge" in "The Good, The Bad and The Ed." Additionally, all of the Eds are awarded the "Mark of Manhood" badge in Ed, Edd n Eddy - The Mis-Edventures. Jimmy claims that he and Jonny needed multiple badges. It is possible that after being removed from the Urban Rangers (and having to perform the Walk of Shame) the Eds lost all chances of joining again.


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