Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Tooth Fairy Landing Strip was something the Eds built at the end of "Floss Your Ed." It was conceived by Eddy as a last-chance attempt to get money for teeth by the end of the day. The landing strip was made up of several signs to attract the Tooth Fairy, two flashlights manned by Edd to help guide her to a safe landing, and Eddy's bed in which Ed was supposed to sleep. Although the likelihood of the Tooth Fairy actually appearing was quite small, the failure of the landing strip was not due to this; rather, it was due to Ed being too lively in the bed, causing it to roll off of the roof. Not only did Eddy break his bed and the landing strip end up as a failure, but he also lost his (and Ed's) teeth to the gutter and later to Ed's appetite. As such, the landing strip can be considered an utter failure, as it not only didn't bring in any profits, but actually cost Eddy his investment of teeth.


  • On the strip, the line "The White Zone is for the immediate loading and unloading of passengers only," can be heard. This is sampled from the movie Airplane!.