Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Toll Moat was a scam used in "A Boy and His Ed."

The Scam[]

The Eds dug a moat in the Lane and filled it with Sarah and Jimmy's pool water using a hose. When a customer was ready to cross the moat, Eddy would use a frying pan attached to a pole to collect their money. Then, Edd would use a winch to lower a door that acted as a bridge.


The scam failed when Kevin came to give the Eds free jawbreakers, but was angered by the scam and decided against it. The Eds later were told by Jonny 2x4 that Kevin was giving away jawbreakers, so they abandoned the scam to look for Kevin.


  • Unlike most of the Eds' scams, the required payment to cross the moat is 50 cents, rather than a quarter.
  • The moat is never seen in the Lane afterwards, even though nobody was seen filling in the hole.