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"Tinker Ed" is the 14th episode of Season 5 and the 116th episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, Jimmy's love for fairy tales is shattered thanks to one of Eddy's scams. It is now up to the Eds to help Jimmy love fairy tales again.


The episode starts with the students of Peach Creek Jr. High gathered in the library, doing homework and reading books. Sarah is reading a poetic fairy tale to little Jimmy, while Kevin is working on a book report and asks them to stop reading because he accidentally wrote down a part of the fairy tale. Sarah, to annoy Kevin, starts reading louder and louder while Jimmy flits around the room and knocks Kevin's books off the table until, enraged, Kevin comes over and chucks a geography book at poor Jimmy, who believes in fairy tales, before telling him that such nonsense does not exist and is a load of baloney. In denial, Jimmy argues that fairy tales do exist and intends to prove it to Kevin, while Rolf, worried about the safety of the load of bologna he literally has stored inside of his backpack, is afraid that the other kids are after his secret stash of baloney. On Kevin's front lawn, Jimmy tries to transform an ordinary carpet into a flying carpet with his trusty stuffed dog Mr. Yum Yum by his side when the Eds show up from mooning the cheerleaders. As he does this, Eddy (who also doesn't believe fairy tales are real) sneaks up from behind and shakes the carpet upward to make it seem like it's flying until Jimmy falls off. Even Ed isn't dumb enough to think that fairy tales are true stories either: he signals to Edd that Jimmy is crazy, which makes Jimmy burst into tears.

Edd sympathizes with Jimmy while Eddy couldn't care less, but Jimmy's strong beliefs give the selfish and greedy con artist an idea for a scam. He walks over and tells Jimmy he saw a unicorn in the forest and that, for twenty-five cents, he'd take Jimmy to go see the unicorn if he wanted. Jimmy agrees and plans to take a picture of the unicorn to show to Kevin and prove that fairy tales really do exist. Jimmy is convinced by the costume and tries to play with the unicorn until the costume comes off and revealing the unicorn's portrayers to be Ed and Edd, proving to Jimmy that Kevin was right all along and effectively shattering his love of fairy tales. Crestfallen, Jimmy runs off crying, while Eddy yells out that it's not his fault that fairy tales are a load of baloney. Rolf, who was walking nearby when he heard Eddy's yelling, is convinced that everyone wants his load of bologna and begins to eat it. Meanwhile, Sarah is making funny faces in her mirror when her doorbell rings. When she opens the door, she is shocked to see what's become of Jimmy.

Eddy plans to spend the quarter Jimmy paid him to see the "unicorn," on jawbreakers, but Edd scornfully rejects even the temptation of sweet jawbreakers; scolding Eddy for his deceptive behavior and breaking Jimmy's beliefs in fairy tales. Eddy makes light of this, saying that Jimmy will get over it. The trio is given something to feel sorry for when Sarah confronts them and demands them to make things right before sundown or else. Edd sees that the effect the manipulation had on Jimmy was worse than he thought, so he decides to make things right again. Though Eddy wasn't in on that plan, Sarah managed to change his perspective.

Meanwhile, a gloomy Jimmy sits in the sandbox at the playground. The Eds appear to him dressed up as fairy tale creatures (Eddy is a fairy, Edd is a mermaid, and Ed is a gnome) in an attempt to revitalize his imagination. After failing to be uplifted by this scheme, Jimmy notices a Golden Horseshoe, for which Eddy is obviously willing to pay money. Jimmy gives him the horseshoe for the quarter, but it later turns out the horseshoe isn't really a horseshoe at all. After taking a closer look, the Eds discover that it's just a pair of dentures painted over with gold-colored nail polish. Jimmy's sad cloud disappears thanks to this scam. Eddy is furious, and that doesn't stop Sarah from snapping a picture of the Eds. She shows it to Kevin, who claims to be swayed by the fairy tale evidence presented. This infuriates Eddy further to the point of getting a dark cloud himself, saying that this whole thing was a load of baloney.

Elsewhere in the woods, Rolf is shown fat from eating so much bologna. Nazz and Jonny find him, the former asking if he is okay. Rolf tells them that he has finished his load of baloney and lets out a wet belch, disgusting Nazz and entertaining Jonny. Both of them walk off, leaving Rolf lying in the woods with his belly aching.


Tinker Ed Deleted Scene Panel

Storyboard of the deleted scene.[1]

  • Goofs:
    • Edd flips over the "golden horseshoe" to show that it is actually just a dental retainer. When he does this, a row of fake teeth are shown on the back side of it. Moment earlier, when Eddy runs around holding it, the teeth aren't visible, even though it can be seen from that side.
    • At the end of the episode, when Nazz runs away from Rolf, she runs mid-air with nothing below her.
  • Plank's book, Mind Control: A Prepubescents Guide, is written by "R. Vincent, PhD". The author's name references Ruth Vincent, a producer.
    • Plank reading a mind control book might be a joke about how he is considered supernatural. It may also be poking fun at the implications given throughout the series that Plank controls Jonny's mind.
  • On the title card, a pair of green legs can be seen protruding from under a book. This references The Wizard of Oz, with the book replacing Dorothy's house.
  • The Reverse Psychology Manual can be seen in the school library, next to Jonny. It was previously seen in "A Twist of Ed."
  • Edd breaks the fourth wall when he says "It's gonna take a lot of explaining to get out of this plot hole."
  • The front of the airline sickness bag reads "Air-Tonucci". This is a reference to series creator, Danny Antonucci.
  • An additional scene was storyboarded, but cut due to time restraints. In it, after Rolf engulfs his entire load of bologna, he hallucinates that Nazz is a mermaid, Jonny is a gingerbread man, and Plank is a fairy.
  • When Eddy shakes Jimmy's carpet (with Jimmy sitting on top of it) in the air, he calls Jimmy "Ali Baba". This is a reference to the folk tale Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.


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