Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Thingamajig is a scam item from "Robbin' Ed". Edd made a single prototype, which they used to convince the other kids into buying boxes of them (Eddy claimed that each Thingamajig costed up to 1 million bucks, but was selling them for 25¢ for the next 5 minutes). The other boxes, however, were filled with random items as there was only one Thingamajig, which Edd points out to Eddy after his conscience gets to him about the scam. The other boxes contained things like light bulbs, sand, bricks, used flytraps, and runny cheese.

The machine resembles a Prize Grabber (or a gumball machine), but it is much smaller. Inside it contains everything a person needs. Its overall function is, when its button is pressed, it shoots out whatever you need. It works perfectly and is even used against Eddy later on in the episode (because Ed did not want anything to happen to his tub of gravy). It is never seen in any other episodes after "Robbin' Ed".

Interestingly, the Thingamajig is referenced in the game Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall. There, it is the central focus of the three-part mission "Edd's Thingamajig". Edd needs you to collect items for it. These items are a boxing glove, a set of false teeth, and a giant pair of scissors. Each time, Edd blames the Kankers for these things going missing, but they are later found on Fusion monsters. In the end, it is revealed that Lee and Marie in fact did steal Edd's items. They did this for a girl who wants to build her own Thingamajig–a girl that turns out to be Fusion Blossom. Once the fusion is defeated, the scissors are returned to Edd, and he finishes his work on the machine.

Items the Thingamajig dispenses[]

  • Hat
  • Chair
  • Boxing glove
  • Mechanical chattering teeth
  • Various other items, based on whatever the user desires at the moment.


  • Box (body)
  • Fish bowl (head)
  • Tape (holds pieces together)
  • Red button (starter)
  • Half a toilet paper roll (muzzle)