Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Static is an abstract concept in the Ed, Edd n Eddy universe. It appears during the introduction sequence and makes several appearances throughout the series. It is distinguished from static within the show (e.g. Rolf's television in "Knock Knock Who's Ed?") by the obviously different animation. While in-show static in later episodes appears as wavy zig-zag lines, The Static appears as actual television noise.

The nature of The Static is unclear, but the events of "Run Ed Run" verifies that it is a physical construct and not just a metaphor. It is possible that The Static is the underlying structure of the universe, existing outside the show's parameters. It may also be responsible for the more surreal aspects of the show, as it only appears amidst the depths of warped space-times (e.g. the warped reality in "One + One = Ed" and the literally 'falling' sky in "Run Ed Run").

There seems to be a link between The Static and Ed's perception of reality, as he is the only Ed who isn't phased by the consequences of its existence. It also appears in his eyes during his hallucinations in Ed, Edd n Eddy's Boo Haw Haw.


  • The Static appears on television in some early episodes.
  • Rolf is the only character who has been through The Static ("One + One = Ed") besides the Eds.
  • The Static appears in the opening scene.
  • The Eds are the only characters who can remember their encounters with The Static, which explains why it plays such a minor role in the series.
  • The Static is used as the ultimate fourth-wall breaker, suggesting that there is an actual "fourth-wall." Interestingly, it isn't in the same place as the three sky-high structures the Eds created.
  • The Static was featured in a Cartoon Network bumper. In it, the Eds were skateboarding down a giant ramp that they built. After Eddy skated down the ramp, Ed rode down in a wheelbarrow and landed so hard that the impact pulled Eddy and the background in with him, leaving Edd with The Static and the Cartoon Network logo.