Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Retro Van is the unofficial name given to the van the Eds discovered in the Junkyard in "Dawn of the Eds." While searching for a shelter, the Eds came across the van and were immediately attracted to it by its enticing features. The exterior of the van is purple with flame decals running down it as well as a painted rear axle and a drop-shaped side window. The interior of the van includes shag carpeting, stereo speakers, walls made from mock wood, and a water bed. The van is equipped with a novelty horn; when used, it plays "La Cucaracha," while in another instance the horn played the first twelve notes of "Dixie." Due to its current state of disrepair, the van is also ridden with cobwebs and roaches. Soon after its discovery, the Eds declared the van their official junkyard hangout (Eddy dubbed it as Central Command).

The Eds have made visits to the van in a few other episodes as well, usually they come to the van when they need a place of seclusion to contemplate their problems. The Eds visit the van a second time in "Dueling Eds." It was shown that the Eds aren't the only ones to know about the van, as Kevin discovered its location in the same episode, although he wasn't really paying attention to it. The van makes its final appearance in "A Twist of Ed" where the Eds hid inside it to avoid the Kankers, while Ed and Eddy simultaneously yelling at Edd to think of a plan. Overall, the van is the only place where the Eds can actually have time to themeselves without being interrupted by the other kids or tempted to do something stupid.


  • The Retro Van appears to be based on a 1972 GMC Vandura; famous for being the van from the TV series The A-Team.
  • The fact that the van's horn plays the first 12 notes of Dixie is a nod to the TV series The Dukes of Hazzard, as the main car of the series, The General Lee, also had a Dixie horn.
  • In "Dawn of the Eds," the horn sounded like "La Cucaracha", but in "Dueling Eds" and "A Twist of Ed," the horn sound was normal. A probable explanation is that there may have been a switch for setting both horns.
  • An abandoned hearse similar to the Retro Van appeared briefly in Ed, Edd n Eddy's Boo Haw Haw.