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"The Luck of the Ed" is the 19th episode of Season 3 and the 71st episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, Eddy tells Ed to hide his magazines. Ed does so, but he forgets where he put the magazines. So now, the Eds have to look all around the Cul-de-Sac to find Eddy's magazines and Eddy wants to make sure he finds them before Kevin does.


Edd is once again trying to instill some knowledge into Ed's brain. Edd attempts to demonstrate Galileo's experiment regarding the effects of gravity on objects of different masses. After explaining the premise of the experiment and its findings, he instructs Ed to drop his bowling ball at the same time Edd drops his marble. Giving the signal, Edd proceeds to drop his marble. Ed then releases the bowling ball, several seconds later. Edd takes this in stride, and performs the experiment again. This time, Ed gets his fingers stuck in the ball. Naturally, Ed panics and ends up throwing the ball at Edd, who takes it in the gut and crashes trough a fence. His short flight stops when he hits Eddy's house, out of which Eddy exits, carrying a box.

Eddy approaches Ed and hastily instructs him to hide the magazines. After running back inside and getting into an argument with his mother, he returns with a trashcan full of junk and a sombrero on his head. Apparently, his mother is making him clean his room, but luckily, he was able to save his magazines. Ed then returns and tells Eddy he hid them. Eddy is glad to hear this until he learns that Ed can't remember where he put them.

This will not do. Eddy seems like he's about to thrash Ed when Edd suggests they retrace Ed's footsteps. As part of this, Ed leads them on a wild-goose chase through the cul-de-sac which leads to a sewer, although Ed's sure the magazines aren't there. When Eddy starts torturing Ed with clothespins, however, Edd has had enough of this nonsense and thinks that the use of forensic science will provide the answer. At this moment, Kevin rides by, and Eddy expresses worry that Kevin is spying on them and trying to steal his magazines before acquiescing to Edd's idea of looking at Ed's body for clues.

To this end, Edd has to drag his friends into his basement and prepare a slide of Ed's face. This naturally takes time and is confusing to Eddy, but once Edd is able to scan his friend's dirty face, he finds that Ed has visited the sandbox recently. Hearing this, Eddy leads his friends to the playground.

At the playground, they find Jimmy playing in the sandbox. Paranoid, Eddy shakes the boy and asks questions about Kevin, scaring him. Edd tries to act as the voice of reason, but Eddy treats him as a possible traitor. This treatment is not helped by the fact that Kevin calls him over; when Edd comes back, he explains that Kevin wanted to know what time it was, but Eddy doesn't believe this, as Edd doesn't wear a watch. Ed then suddenly declares that he found something, only for him to show that the "something" he dug up is a disgusting, dirty toothbrush that he plans to keep. Paranoid and fed up, Eddy decides that his friends are both on Kevin's side, and takes control of their most valued possessions.

A standoff occurs when Eddy holds Ed's eyebrow and Edd's hat over a sewer grate and threatens to dump them unless they can get Kevin out there. Worried, they head over to Kevin's house, and when Kevin slams the door on them, they steal his bike. A confrontation occurs where Eddy demands his magazines, Edd his hat, Kevin his bike, and Ed his eyebrow. The confrontation is abruptly settled when Jonny 2x4 walks by with Plank and the box that held the magazines, and Eddy leaps over to grab them. When he opens the box, however, there is nothing inside, as apparently Ed decided to hide the magazines apart from the box. So once again, the Eds go down the sidewalk, with Ed describing what happened to him when he went to hide the magazines.

Memorable Quotes

  • Eddy: [shoving a cardboard box into Ed's hands] "Quick! Hide these magazines!"
    Ed: [confused] "Hide these magazines?"
    Eddy: [panicking] "What are ya? A parrot? Hide these magazines!"
    Ed: "Hide where?! What?! Who?!" [Eddy pushes Ed away.]
    Eddy: "Numbskull." [Eddy runs back into his room.] "Oh come on, Mom, not that! Wait! I need that stuff!" [Eddy comes out of his house with all of his stuff in a garbage can. He sees Edd lying next to the door.] "Quit laying around Double D, my mom's cleaning out my room and she's making me throw out all my cool stuff. But luckily, I was able to save the..." [secretively] "...magazines." [A sultry saxophone plays in the background.]

  • Eddy: [horrified] "A sewer?!" [in a worried tone] "My magazines are in the sewer?!" [He looks into the sewer.]
    Edd: "Seems appropriate. You realize if your magazines are in that sewer, Eddy, they would be totally illegible, the text smeared by the damp sludge."
    Eddy: [worried] "It's the pictures I'm worried about! Ed, did you hide my box down in that sewer?!"
    Ed: [with his head hidden in his jacket] "Um, not in the sewer, Eddy."
    Eddy: [as Ed pops his head out slightly] "So where are they?" [Ed lifts his head out completely.] "Talk!" [Eddy grabs a giant clothes peg and clips it onto Ed's face.]"
    Ed: "Ouch!"
    Eddy: [with another peg] "Where, Ed?!" [He clips it on Ed's face.]
    Ed: [pained] "Ouch!"
    Eddy: "Those magazines are a one of a kind anniversary issue! Cough 'em up!" [He uses a third peg.]
    Ed: [in agony] "I forget Eddy, I forget!"

  • Eddy: [paranoid] "Shh. If Kevin knew about this, he'd take my magazines for his own viewing pleasure."
    Edd: "Time's a wastin'." [chuckling] "I've always wanted to say that."

  • Edd: "Hold this please, thank you." [He gives Ed a rectangular piece of glass.]
    Eddy: [cynically] "What's with the glass?"
    Edd: [holding up a cupcake] "Eddy, please don't interrupt. Ed, do you see what I see?"
    Ed: [excited] "CUPCAKE!" [He begins to drool.]
    Eddy: "So what's with the cupcake?"
    Edd: "Patience, please."
    [Edd places the cupcake on the glass, and Ed slams his face onto the glass to ingest the cupcake. Edd presses another piece of glass down on the back of Ed's head, enlarging his face.]
    Eddy: "What's with Ed's face?!"
    Edd: "Will you just let me do this, Eddy?!"

  • Edd: [looking at Ed's dirty face through the microscope] "There we go. Now focus. Oh, dear. Ed, there's a new invention called soap, have you heard of it?" [zooming out] "This is gonna be more difficult than I thought, Eddy." [zooming into Ed's scalp] "Oh, my lord!"
    Eddy [impatient]: "What's taking so long?! Someone's sure to find them!"
    Edd: "I'm having a difficult time going through Ed's copious contaminants. A moment please. Read a magazine or something."
    Eddy: "Read a magazine? I would if I knew where Ed hid them!"
    Edd: "Oh, you read those?"

  • Jimmy: "Jeepers! If only Sarah knew how good I am at manual labor!"
    Eddy: "And what are you digging for?" [shaking Jimmy by his hair] "Are you working for Kevin?"
    Jimmy: [scared] "I don't know what you're talking about, Eddy! I'm flying solo!"
    Edd: [strictly] "Eddy, you put Jimmy down. Can't you see he's an innocent bystander of all this? I hardly think that Jimmy, or Kevin for that matter, have any knowledge to the whereabouts of your magazines."
    Eddy: "Oh, is that so?!" [eyes bugging out to immense proportions] "And what makes you so sure of that, Mr. I Know Everything About Kevin Knowing Nothing About my Magazines?!"
    Ed: "Boy, Double D, Eddy never looks at me like that."

  • Ed: "Look what I found, guys!"
    Eddy: [instantly happy] "I'd tell you I love you, Ed, but I ain't that kind of guy!"
    Edd: "Bravo Ed, bring on the grail!"
    Ed: "A toothbrush! Finders keepers!"
    Eddy: [angry] "You guys must think I'm stupid or something!" [He smashes Ed onto Edd.] "You're both in cahoots to steal my magazines!"


  • Goof: In one shot when the Eds and Kevin are arguing, Ed seems to have two eyebrows.
  • This episode was included in the Game Boy Advance Video cartridge entitled Cartoon Network Collection Platinum Edition.
  • This is the second time Edd did not have his hat on. The first time was in "Stop, Look and Ed."
  • There are no scams featured in this episode.
  • Ed has blue-green eyes, as revealed when his face was enlarged.
  • Eddy's mom isn't seen in this episode, but Eddy argues with her off-screen.
  • The fate of Eddy's magazines is never revealed, but they do appear again under Eddy's bed in "The Day the Ed Stood Still," implying that he eventually found them.
  • When Edd sees the enlarged version of Ed's head through his microscope, Ed's hair is black in this episode, while in "Over Your Ed", it's ginger.
  • At the beginning of the episode when Eddy and his mom are cleaning out Eddy's room and right before Eddy asked Ed to hide his magazines, an unfamiliar voice can be heard in the background that could be Eddy's mom calling Eddy.
  • This is one of four episodes that doesn't contain any of the female characters. Other episodes that don't have female characters include "Button Yer Ed," "Gimme Gimme Never Ed," and "Sorry, Wrong Ed."


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Ed, Edd N Eddy S03E10 Luck Of The Ed - Ed... Pass İt On..

Ed, Edd N Eddy S03E10 Luck Of The Ed - Ed... Pass İt On...

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