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"The Good Ol' Ed" is the 13th episode of Season 4 and the 91st episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, Eddy learns that Ed and Edd are making a Time Capsule to bury all of the Eds' childhood belongings for the upcoming future. The Eds then begin reminiscing on memorable moments from the past.


Eddy is busy practicing his shaving when Ed comes in with a bunch of stuff. Eddy states that Ed doesn't see that he's practicing for manhood, though Ed takes the shaver and puts it on his bed. Ed gets Eddy's doll, Eddo, and brings it as well. Then he gets numerous things from Eddy's room. Eddy chases Ed outside and tells him to give back his stuff, and then he notices a box with a note saying, "place memories here." Edd comes in and says that he is late for the time capsule project he is planning out. Edd then pulls out a Canadian Squirt Gun. Eddy of course remembers it and squirts Ed in the face. Edd then gets out the hypnotizing wheel which Eddy automatically remembers is how they hypnotized Kevin into a chimp. Ed states that Kevin thought his butt was a peanut before Eddy bites on it. Nazz comes along but then leaves.

Eddy asks what they have in store. Ed then comes out dressed as a fad freaker. Edd then gets out the part from the time machine scam. Then a flashback begins.

Jimmy, Jonny, and Plank are in the time capsule listening to Edd's lecture about time travel. Then they go "back in time" to the triassic period. Jimmy sees a fake pterodactyl, and Ed (disguised as a triceratops) jumps onto and destroys the time machine. Jonny considers the moment cool, but Jimmy has had enough and pushes his naive companion out of harm's way. Ed then jumps on Jimmy, who obviously gets maimed while Jonny (along with Ed's disguise) are launched into a t-rex's mouth. Jonny sees Edd was driving the fake dinosaur, and Eddy bangs on the column causing it to come tumbling down.

The flashback ends with Edd laughing about the ordeal, though his friends have no idea what he's talking about. Eddy gets out a jug and says it's from when Edd had the hiccups for two days, beginning another flashback.

The Eds try numerous times to get rid of Edd's hiccups. First Eddy pops a paper bag Edd was using, but it turns out they're still in him. Then Eddy pours water down his throat but it still doesn't work. Ed tries to scare him by going "I am a zombie and I will malice you with a shoehorn!" to Edd's shock as the flashback ends.

Ed pulls out a spatula which Eddy states is from when they spray-painted gold jewelry while Edd states it's from when they bartered eggs with Rolf, to which Ed starts yet another flashback.

The Eds are making the world's biggest pancake in this flashback. Edd points out that the kids have mistaken the oil for a skating rink. Eddy yells at them to get off, but Ed pours the batter onto the kids. Eddy gets pulled under and gets beaten up as the flashback ends. Eddy claims that Ed made that up, but Ed refuses to believe him, instead preferring to remember this morning when they were collecting items for the time capsule.

Eddy then whallops Ed with a fish, interrupting the flashback. Edd then asks if he remembers that fish was used to duel with Rolf, but Eddy then chases him to make Edd and Ed stop remembering. Ed then questions if the ice pack was when the Eds destroyed Jonny's house. Eddy is furious now, and he wants them to quit bringing up the past. He chases the remaining two around the yard as the episode fades out.


  • Fourth Wall Breaks:
    • Ed reminisces about the Canadian Squirt Gun by saying "As though it were only second season." The Canadian Squirt Gun was in the season two episode "Know it All Ed."
    • Eddy says "I hate clip shows!"
  • Several events from previous episodes are referenced:
  • Edd implies the dinosaur park was set in the Triassic period. Minus the Pterosaur, none of the species seen had evolved yet. The Alamosaurus, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus appeared in the Mesozoic era.
  • When Jonny is riding the Triceratops, he exclaims "Twenty-three skidoo!" This phrase, generally refering to leaving quickly, was popularized in early 20th century America. It's origin remains unknown.
  • The bowling ball microphone from "Boys Will Be Eds" can be seen in the stuff Ed brought.

Items in the Capsule[]

Below is a list of some of the more famous items put into the time capsule from previous episodes.


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