Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Garden of Ed is an Ed, Edd n Eddy comic. In it, the Eds build a gazebo in Jimmy's backyard. It was published by DC Comics in Cartoon Network Block Party Issue #6.


Jimmy is showing Sarah around his newly transformed backyard. It has been turned into a zen garden, complete with a koi pond. Owing to its relaxing atmosphere, Jimmy sees it as a refuge from the outside world. According to Jimmy, though, one thing is still missing: a gazebo.

Over in the lane, the Eds are running a dessert scam called "Momma Ed's Kitchen". After seeing Ed's creations, Edd deems the foodstuffs "irrefutably inedible". Eddy, meanwhile, is listening through the fence into Jimmy's backyard. After hearing Jimmy's desire for a gazebo, Eddy has the Eds abandon the dessert scam.

Barging into Jimmy's backyard, Eddy announces that they are "Ed Construction Company". Sarah is less than pleased with this interruption. Jimmy, though, sees this as an opportunity to get the gazebo he wants.

Before construction can commence, Jimmy describes his grand plan to Eddy. Listening closely, Edd draws up the blueprints. When it's time to break ground, Eddy has Jimmy and Sarah go inside the house.

According to Edd, the gazebo will require a deeply dug foundation. Wasting no time, Eddy has Ed begin digging. Shortly after, Edd and Eddy notice their first mistake: Ed dug way to deep. Edd's solution is to simply pour in additional foundation material. The material in question is composed of chewed up Chunky Puffs. After pouring, Edd insists that they wait 24 hours for the material to set. Eddy, however, is adamant about finishing the project the same day, in order to get paid sooner.

Ed is now dispatched to find wood. When building the frame, Edd remarks that Ed's hammering skills are "questionable". Eddy, meanwhile, does a side scam. He offers Jimmy's koi fish (misstated to be goldfish) to Rolf, two for a quarter. Astonished by their shininess, Rolf gladly hands over two quarters, having purchased all four.

With construction finished, the Eds unveil their handiwork to Jimmy and Sarah. Upon removing their blindfolds, they are less than satisfied with the results. The gazebo is nothing more than several boards of wood shoddily put together. None of the features that Jimmy requested are present. On top of this, dirt has been flung all over the yard.

Irate, Sarah shoves the Eds into the Chunky Puffs foundation. Nearby, Rolf grills the koi fish he bought earlier, and offers them to everyone for lunch.