Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Eds' Bike was a bike that appeared in a few episodes. In "Dawn of the Eds," the Eds were riding it on their way to trade in some glass items they found in the dumpster. While doing so, they were talking about Robot Rebel Ranch. This created a distraction, causing them to crash in the Junkyard. The bike was then destroyed and abandoned.

The Eds later got a new bike that was similar to the previous one. They rode it in "A Boy and His Ed" while dressed similar to Kevin in an attempt to become his friend. Fortunately for the Eds, the bike wasn't destroyed in that episode.

In "Ready, Set... Ed!", the same bike from "A Boy and His Ed" appears again. The Eds attempted to use the bike to go through the World's Scariest BMX Ramp in order to break a world record. Unfortunately, the starting part of the ramp was not secured down, causing the Eds to fall off, breaking the bike again.


  • Both the Eds' Bike and Kevin's Bike resemble the Schwinn Stingray. Like the Stingray, both bikes appear to have a banana seat and a dip in the handle bars.
  • It's unknown which one of the Eds is responsible for keeping the bike.
  • In "Dawn of the Eds," the bike is colored blue-green/turquoise, while in "A Boy and His Ed" and "Ready, Set... Ed!" it's colored silver, like Kevin's bike.
  • In "A Boy and His Ed," the bike's tires appear to be thicker, while in "Dawn of the Eds" and "Ready, Set... Ed!," they were thinner.
  • This is one of only two bikes to be seen in the entire series, (not counting the bikes the Eds made to sell to Kevin). The other bike is Kevin's bike.