Ed, Edd n Eddy

Not to be confused with the episode of the same name.

The Ed-Touchables was a game featured on the US Cartoon Network website. It is a shooter game in which players perform objectives to help out the Eds, who are playing in the Junkyard.


The Eds are taking target practice at the dump. Players must shoot at the recommended objects while avoiding bombs. In addition, jawbreakers will sometimes appear; if seen, players can shoot them for extra points. The mouse is used to aim and fire. Each level has a minimum amount of objects that need to be destroyed to pass, and a limited amount of time in which they must be destroyed. The game is more like a series of minigames rather than one consistent game.

Game types[]

  • Shoot the Bottles: Ed and Eddy are throwing bottles between them. Shoot the bottles to break them.
  • Junkpile: There's a huge pile of junk that characters will pop out of while holding televisions, oil barrels, barrels of toxic waste, and R2-D2. Shoot the televisions, oil barrels, barrels of toxic waste, and R2-D2.
  • Can Juggling: Edd and Eddy have a board with five cans on it. Shoot the cans and keep them up in the air with your well-placed shots.
  • Junkyard Roll: Trash cans are rolling through the junkyard. Shoot them, but be sure to avoid any that have an Ed on them.
  • Garbage Ball Shoot: Giant balls of garbage are bounding through the junkyard. Shoot them down until they disappear.


  • Although the game is called "The Ed-Touchables," it has nothing to do with the episode "The Ed-Touchables." Rather, it seems to be based on "Dawn of the Eds".
  • If you scroll over the Eds' faces on the start screen, they will lose their smiles and adopt a more serious look whenever the cursor is on them.
    • Also, whenever you scroll over them, a sound effect will play. In Ed's case, the sound is a rooster; in Edd's case, the sound is a horse; and in Eddy's case, the sound is a cow.
  • In addition to the Eds, several characters cameo in the "shooting the junkpile" minigame:
  • If you shoot a character at any point in a level (aside from R2-D2), you will fail the level.
  • The Laser Guns from "Dawn of the Eds" reappear in this game.
  • Oddly, you play as Edd in Garbage Ball Shoot, yet he will occasionally appear on the balls themselves.


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