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"The Ed-Touchables" is the first episode of Season 1 and the series premiere of Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, people's items go missing around the cul-de-sac and the Eds believe that a so-called "serial toucher" is touching and stealing people's stuff. The Eds then try to hunt down the serial toucher, who is presumably still at large, before he can make his next move.


Inside Edd's house, Edd is running around labeling stuff. He has pretty much labeled everything in his room when the doorbell rings. Upon rushing down to get it, he finds nobody there, so he starts back up the stairs, whereupon the doorbell rings again. Once again, there is nobody at the door, so Edd tests the doorbell to make sure it is not malfunctioning. When it works correctly, he shuts the door and heads upstairs again, but the doorbell rings once more. When he opens it, he expects nobody to be there, and is about to break into a lecture when a bucket filled with water lands on his head. Annoyed, Edd shuts the door and heads upstairs, but the doorbell rings again. This time, Edd is prepared to look up to make sure nothing falls on him, and is therefore quite surprised when a fish hits him from beneath his chin. Soggy and stinky, Edd heads upstairs again, and of course, the doorbell rings. This time, when he answers it, he finds Eddy.

Naturally, Edd lets his friend in, and soon, Eddy is messing up his room. Edd yells at his friend to stop, and Eddy stops being so hyper, instead switching some of Edd's labels, which annoys Edd as well. Before Edd can complain too much, though, he finds that the piece he was going to label–his magnifying glass–is no longer there. Somebody has taken it!

Edd begins to get all melodramatic, but his friend snaps him out of it by slamming his bed over his head. Calmer, Edd accepts this and puts it out of his mind so that he and Eddy can go to Ed's place. When they get there, they find Ed watching a horror movie on his TV. Thinking quickly, Eddy suggests that they creep up and jump him, and this seems to be successful until Ed, without glancing away from the TV, grabs Eddy in a headlock and noogies him. With nothing else to do, Edd jumps in, and they get into a fun dogpile. The fun is suddenly interrupted, however, when Sarah barges in and demands to know who took her doll. Eddy realizes that something like an epidemic is going on, as first Edd's magnifying glass went missing, and now Sarah's doll is lost. According to him, there is a sort of "serial toucher" on the loose.

Eddy is not going to stand for this, and soon he is shouting the bad news to the neighborhood kids. They are worried, but Kevin is the only one bold enough to ask what the "dorks" are going to do about it. When Eddy promises that he and his friends will solve the mystery, Kevin sarcastically says he would pay money to see it, and the other kids agree that they would pay up if the Eds solve the case.

Later, the Eds meet up in the lane, where Eddy draws up a proposal for catching the serial toucher. This plan involves having Ed sit perfectly still on a bench with an alarm hidden on his person and a "Don't Touch" sign hung on his body. Eddy believes that this will make the perfect bait for their toucher. The first one to see him is Kevin, who pays no attention and instead just rides off on his bike. After him comes Jonny, though, who makes a few attempts at small talk, including telling Ed that he likes his new haircut. Plank likes it too, of course, and he wants to feel...which leads to Jonny reaching Plank out...which leads to Plank touching Ed...which leads to the alarms going off. Edd and Eddy leap out of the bushes and accuse Jonny, causing him to swiftly run away.

The chase goes around the Cul-de-Sac. Eventually, though, the Eds manage to trip up Jonny. With one last saving throw, Jonny casts his best friend forward so he can save himself. Unfortunately, the toss is only strong enough to get Plank to go in the air slightly and land on his outstretched arms. The Eds grab their culprits and drag them away for questioning.

Soon, Jonny is tied to a chair in the basement, his friend on a chair beside him. Eddy begins to interrogate Jonny, but Jonny, who has no clue who the Serial Toucher is, cannot provide them with any satisfactory answers. Angry, Eddy turns to whom he presumes to be the brains of the operation: Plank. Of course, Plank does not answer any of the questions, even when Eddy slaps him. Fed up, Eddy decides to move on to torture, and pulls out a squirt gun, which he holds over Plank. Eddy explains that after a few minutes of this torture, Plank will swell up like a balloon, and begins to drip water out of the nozzle. As the water drips, the one really being tortured is Jonny, who needs to use the bathroom. Eventually, Jonny cannot take the torture in his bladder any longer, and he confesses just so he can finally use a bathroom.

A little while later, Jonny is dry, but not happy. The Eds have put him in a tire and started it rolling, and there is no way for Jonny to stop as he bounces around Peach Creek. With the case solved, Eddy now has a jarful of coins, and he and his friends are about to go to the Candy Store for jawbreakers when they are stopped by Sarah and Jimmy. It seems that Sarah found her doll under her bed, something Jimmy can confirm. Hearing this, Edd nervously speaks up and reveals that he found his magnifying glass on his person. Eddy contemplates what this means for the case for a few seconds, but then holds up his jar and grins, and the three friends head to the candy store.

Sarah and Jimmy are not satisfied, however, and they manage to get a hold of Jonny's tire. Instead of taking him out, they wheel him to the top of a hill, and send him rolling down it, where he crashes into the Eds, knocking their jawbreakers out of their mouths. The Eds spend the final moments of the day chasing after jawbreakers that they can never seem to reach.


  • Goofs:
    • At the start of the episode, Edd's house has a light blue garage door. When Edd and Eddy go to get Ed, the garage door is pink.
    • When Edd places the last label in his room, the chair is no longer labeled, even though he had just done so moments earlier.
    • When Edd has his nervous breakdown over losing his magnifying glass, he is standing next to his desk. After Eddy hits him with a bed, Edd is shown to be standing in the middle of his room.
    • When Edd tells Sarah that someone touched his magnifying glass, everyone is on the floor. In the next shot, everybody is standing.
    • Sarah's hair is a noticeably darker shade of orange when Eddy warns the kids about the Serial Toucher.
    • During the closeup of Eddy speaking into the traffic cone, the red stripe on his shirt disappears.
    • While chasing Jonny, just before hopping the fence, Eddy's shirt is noticeably darker. After jumping over the fence, Eddy's shirt is it's normal color.
    • When the Eds put their legs out to trip Jonny, Edd's leg is bare. After Jonny trips, Edd is wearing his red socks.
    • During the interrogation by the Eds, Jonny appears to be wearing long sleeves or a sweater instead of his usual T-shirt.
    • When Jonny confesses to taking everybody's stuff, the chair he's sitting on disappears. Also, for a frame, his right sleeve becomes transparent.
    • At the end, when Eddy justifies the Eds' treatment of Jonny, Ed's shoes are red like Eddy's, instead of black.
  • A former game on the Cartoon Network website had the same title as this episode. The game, however, had more of a resemblance to "Dawn of the Eds", rather than this episode.
  • Jonny comments about Ed's haircut. This hints that Ed had longer hair prior to this episode.
  • Edd talking to his skull is reminiscent of William Shakespeare's play, Hamlet, where the main character frequently spoke to the skull of Yorick.
  • Jimmy and Kevin have speaking roles, but their names are not revealed until "Pop Goes the Ed."
  • Jimmy's injuries change several times throughout the episode. First, he is seen with a bandage on the right side of his head. Next, his nose is bandaged. Last, the whole top of his head is bandaged.
  • In this episode, jawbreakers cost a nickel. For unknown reasons, the cost is raised to a quarter for the rest of the series.
  • When Edd first talks to Sarah, he displays hearts in his eyes, hinting at a crush. This concept is reversed later in the season during "An Ed Too Many," in which, Sarah holds a crush on Edd. In the season 3 episode "For Your Ed Only," it is revealed that Sarah writes about Edd in her diary.
  • Edd uses a "Lite-Brite" board during Jonny's interrogation.
  • "Pop Goes the Ed" is often wrongly deemed to be the series pilot. It was portrayed that way in The Best Day Edder marathon, the Season 1 DVD, on iTunes, and on the Cartoon Network website. In actuality, this episode was the first to air.
  • When presented with the bunny slippers, Eddy refers to Edd by his real name: Edd. He does this again after Edd cleans him with the vacuum. Eddy almost never refers to Edd by his real name again, unless it is part of a nickname.
  • The sunglasses that Eddy briefly wears before interrogating Jonny reappear in "Sir Ed-a-Lot."
  • In this episode, Edd has 4,837 ants. Later, in "Stop, Look and Ed," he has 5,239. This suggests he either got more ants, or more ants were born in his farm.
  • When Eddy first confronts Jonny, Eddy says "Dr. Toucher, I presume?" This is a reference to the famous Welsh-American explorer, Sir Henry Morton Stanley, and his famous line "Doctor Livingstone, I presume?"
  • The final scene with the Eds enjoying their jawbreakers was used in a 1999 Cartoon Cartoon Fridays promo, formatted as a documentary called The Cartoon Cartoon Influence [1].
  • A mash-up video featuring the first and last scenes for the series misdates this episode airing on August 24, 2001, when it actually aired on January 4, 1999. [2]


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