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For the scam, see The Curse of Evil Tim (scam).


Ed reading an Evil Tim comic.

The Curse of Evil Tim is the name of a comic book that was featured in "It Came From Outer Ed," where Ed comes up with a "scam" that was based on the comic's plot. The exact plot of the story is unknown, but based on Ed's scam, it involves a creature named "Evil Tim" placing a curse on people.

The actual appearance of Evil Tim is unknown. Before Ed gets the idea for his scam, he saw Edd dressed as a hunchbacked monster with large clawed hands and claimed it to be the "Curse of Evil Tim." His statement may imply that Evil Tim, or a monster that Evil Tim summons, has this appearance; however, given that this occurred shortly after he had been interrupted while reading the comic by Eddy, it may have been his overactive imagination at work. Other statements Ed makes imply that Evil Tim summons a monster in the comic in order to, in Ed's words, "dissect our organs and feed them to the minions of Hades".

The rest of the scam involves a hodgepodge of random objects and rituals, including placing rocks on an "X" on the ground (which Ed paints as a "Q" instead), a cement mixer painted like an Aztec temple, rotten spaghetti noodles, dressing Eddy up as a voodoo priest, and pancakes. This apparently culminates in the summoner killing a sacrificial animal with their teeth (in Ed's case, he simply tore apart Jimmy's stuffed bunny, Mr. Yum Yum). Due to Ed's overactive imagination and general stupidity, it's unclear whether these elements are part of the original story, his own invention, or a combination of the two. The episode ends with a flock of crows mysteriously appearing and attacking the Eds, implying that the curse truly was real.


  • The comic costs 25 cents.
  • The Curse of Evil Tim apparently involves both Greek and Aztec mythology.
  • It is unknown what the curse of Evil Tim causes besides a massive gathering of crows, as said crows blacked out the view at the end of the episode.

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