Ed, Edd n Eddy

This is a list of all the people who have created/worked on Ed, Edd n Eddy throughout its run.


Name Year(s) Active on Show
Danny Antonucci 1999–2009
John McIntyre 1999
Marlene Robinson May 1999
Russ Mooney 1999–2002
Scott Underwood 1999-2009

Writing Credits[]

Name Number of Episodes Years
Danny Antonucci All 1999–2008
Rob Boutilier 1 (Dawn of the Eds) 1999
Geoff Berner 7 2002-2004
Rachel Connor 14 2005–2008
Keith Giffen 2 2005-2006
Michael Hockney 5 2005–2007
Jono Howard 90 1999–2007
Mike Kubat 31 1999–2006
Scott Underwood 1 (A Fistful of Ed) 2007
Robert Leighton 1 (To Sir with Ed) 1999
Aaron Maclaughlan 1 (One Size Fits Ed) 2002
John Mein 1 (Dueling Eds) 2001
Brent Miller 1 (One Size Fits Ed) 2002
Stacey Warnick 2 2008
Marlowe Weisman 2 2001-2002


Name Character(s) Presence on Show
David Paul Grove Jonny 2x4 1999–2009
Erin Fitzgerald May KankerNazz Nazz (Seasons 1, 2, 4-6)
May (Seasons 1, 2, 4-6)
Janyse Jaud Lee KankerSarah 1999–2009
Jenn Forgie May KankerNazz 2001-2002 (Season 3)
Kathleen Barr KevinMarie Kanker 1999–2009
Keenan Christensen Jimmy 1999–2009
Matt Hill Ed 1999–2009
Peter Kelamis Rolf 1999–2009
Samuel Vincent Edd 1999–2009
Tabitha St. Germain Nazz 1999 (Season 1)
Tony Sampson Eddy 1999–2009


Name Position
Christine L. Danzo Producer
Daniel Sioui Production Manager
Danny Antonucci Executive Producer
Linda Simensky Executive Producer for Cartoon Network
Rebecca Walters Production Assistant
Ruth Vincent Associate Producer
Samantha Daley Producer

Original Music[]

Name Presence on Show
Patric Caird 1999–2009

Film Editing[]

Name Episodes
Joseph Fitzpatrick Unknown
Ken Cathro Numerous

Art Direction[]

Name Episodes
Danny Antonucci All

Production Management[]

Name Position Year(s)
Bill Schultz Supervising Producer for Cartoon Network 1999–2004
Jay Bastian Executive in Charge of Production for Cartoon Network 1999-2009
Ken Cathro Post-Production Supervisor 1999-2009
Khaki Jones Executive in Charge of Production for Cartoon Network 1999-2004
Kylie Ellis Post-Production Supervisor/Production Manager 2005-2006
Linda Simensky Executive in charge of Production 1999–2004

Art Department[]

Name Position Year(s)
"Big" Jim Miller Storyboard Artist/Storyboard 1999–2008
Rob Boutilier Storyboard Artist 1999-2001
Al Choi Storyboard Artist 2002
Andrew Park Storyboard Artist 2005
Angus Bungay Inker 1999–2004
Bonni Reid Color Designer 2005
Ceile Prowse Design Coordinator 2006
Charlie Chien Storyboard Artist 2002-2003
Chaz Battista Storyboard Artist 2002
Cory Toomey Prop Designer 1999-2006
D. Brad Gibson Storyboard Artist 1999-2004
Hyuck E. Prop Designer/Storyboard Artist 2005–2008
James Wootton Storyboard Artist 1999-2007
Kent Webb Storyboard Artist 2002-2004
Kevin Schmid Storyboard Artist 2002
Lucas Gustafson Storyboard Artist 2002
Mike De Kraker Storyboard Artist 2002
Raven Molisee Storyboard Artist 2004–2008
Ryan Hicks Storyboard Artist 2002
Sabrina Alberghetti Storyboard Artist 2004–2008
Samuel To Prop Designer 2005
Trevor Bentley Prop Designer 1999-2000
Scott Underwood Storyboard/Storyboard Artist 1999–2008
Sheranne Johnson Storyboard Artist 2005
Simon Piniel Storyboard Artist 2005–2008
Steve Geeves Storyboard Artist 2002
Steve Lecouilliard Storyboard Artist 2005–2008
Steve Sandersen Storyboard Artist 2005
Timothy Packford Storyboard Artist 1999-2004
Todd Damone Storyboard Artist Unknown
Vern Marcus Storyboard Artist 2002
Younger Yang Storyboard Artist 2002

Sound Department[]

Name Position Year(s)
Adam Gejdos Music Editor Unknown Episodes
Bill Sheppard Sound Mixer 2 Episodes, 2005
Dean Giammarco Sound Mixer 2 Episodes, 2005
Gordon Sproule Dialogue Editor 1 Episode, 2005
Jeff Davis Sound Effects 1 Episode, 2005
Joe Spivak Music Editor Unknown Episodes
Johnny Ludgate Sound Mixer 2 Episodes, 2005
Kerry Uchida Sound Effects 2 Episodes, 2005
Kris Fenske Sound Effects Editor Unknown Episodes
Maija Burnett Dialogue Editor Unknown Episodes
Peter Eliuk Assistant Sound Editor/Technical Support Unknown Episodes
Robert Hunter Technical Support Sound Unknown Episodes
Shawn Pierce Music Recording Engineer 33 Episodes, 1999–2008
Tyler Berrie Foley Recordist Unknown Episodes

Visual Effects[]

Name Position Year
Ian Kirby Digital Effects Designer 1 Episode, 2005
Suck Ho Shin Layout Supervisor 1 Episode, 2005

Animation Department[]

Name Position Year(s)
Al Kang Story Artist 5 Episodes, 1999–2002
Christine Li Ink Artist 2 Episodes, 2005
Chul Ki Kwon Animation Director 2 Episodes, 2005
Cory Toomey Character Designer 4 Episodes, 2004-2007
Eda Soong Layout Supervisor Unknown Episodes
Ginny Ivanicki Background Artist Unknown Episodes
Hyuck E. Character Designer 2 Episodes, 2005
John Han Animation Director Unknown Episodes
Karen Peterson Animation Timer 1999–2009
Kwang Jin Kim Animation Director 2 Episodes, 2005
Marlene Robinson May Animation Director 2 Episodes, 1999
Ron Campbell Animation Timer 1999–2009
Ron Myrick Animation Timer 1999–2004
Russ Mooney Animation Timer 22 Episodes, 1999–2007
J.K. Kim Animation Timer 2001-2002
Brian Ray Animation Timer 1999-2000
Samuel To Character Designer 2 Episodes, 2005
Sheldon Arnst Animation Supervisor Unknown Episodes
Young Keon Kim Animation Director Unknown Episodes

Editorial Department[]

Name Position Year(s)
Danny Antonucci Story Editor 2 Episodes, 2004–2005
Edward Joseph Douglas Assistant Editor/Online Editor Unknown Episodes
Tracey Matthews Online editor 2 Episodes, 2005
William Cyr Assistant Editor Unknown Episodes

Other Crew[]

Name Position Year(s)
Jay Bastian Production Executive Unknown Episodes, 2004
Jilly Mentiply Design Consultant 2 Episodes, 2005
Marlene Robinson May Exposure Sheet Director 23 Episodes, 1999-2006
Rod Filbrandt Background Design Seasons 1-2, 1999
Terry Klassen Voice Director 2 Episodes, 2005
Thesa Pakarnyk Checker 2 Episodes, 2005
Zoë Borroz Production Assistant 2 Episodes, 2005