Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Cabinet of Failed Inventions appeared in Edd's Basement in "3 Squares and an Ed." Eddy "stumbled into it" while observing the basement. Like its name suggests, the cabinet contains a number of Edd's failed inventions. The purpose of the cabinet, as Edd put it, is to remind them of their misguided attempts and to learn from past mistakes.


Starting from the bottom shelf up, it's contents include:

1st Shelf: Volcano Vacuum (only seen in the cabinet in this episode), a jar of goop (only seen in the cabinet in this episode), an invention involving a radio

2nd Shelf: A remote (later seen in "The Good Ol' Ed"), Canadian Squirt Gatling Gun (from "Know it All Ed")

3rd Shelf: Opera-Matic (only appears when it is found in the cabinet in "3 Squares and an Ed"), a "Robot"

4th Shelf: Super Vacuum, Elevation Boots (from "A Pinch to Grow an Ed")

5th Shelf: Newspaper Shooter (from "Read All About Ed"), Body Heat Seeking Goggles (surprising, as they were a success; from "Ed-n-Seek")