Ed, Edd n Eddy

Super Eds! is an Ed, Edd n Eddy comic. In it, the Eds fantasize about being superheroes. It was published by DC Comics in Cartoon Network Block Party Issue #3, and later re-issued in Cartoon Network All-Stars Omnibus.


Jimmy and Sarah are patrons at the Eds' latest scam, Cowboy Eddy's Pony Rides. Setup in a makeshift corral, patrons can ride a horse for only a quarter. The "horse", however, is just Ed and Edd in a costume. Edd is the front, and Ed is the rear.

Jimmy, who is sitting atop the horse, notices that it is not moving. Noticing this, Eddy intervenes and lifts up the costume to tell Ed to get into motion. Eddy then discovers that Ed is preoccupied reading a comic book. Realizing the experience is fabricated, Sarah angrily demands their quarter back, which she is successful in retrieving.

Enraged at losing their only profit, Eddy whacks Ed with a mallet retrieved from hammerspace. Having abandoned the scam, Edd inquires as to why Ed is obsessed with comic books. Ed then describes the comic he is reading, and the other Eds take interest.

Intrigued by the comic universe, the Eds create alter-ego's. Ed decides that he is "Mutator, King of Slime". Eddy decides that he is "Mr. Cash", who is the "richest and most handsomest dude in the world." Edd, reluctant to play along, decides that he is "The Cranium".

Well into the fantasy, the superhero Eds meet up at their tree base. Owing to his pretend wealth, Eddy has returned with a sack of jawbreakers. Upon tasting them, Ed and Eddy immediately spit them out, noticing that the flavor is disgusting. Edd then proceeds to analyze one, and determines that their flavors have been deliberately tainted. The trio then head off to the Jawbreaker Factory to investigate.

Meanwhile, at the factory, the Eds spot two of their archenemies: "Tantrum Bighead" and "Sissy-Pants Jones", alter-egos of Sarah and Jimmy respectively. They are in the middle of adding broccoli flavor to a batch of jawbreakers. Ready to stop them, the Eds barge in through a window in the ceiling. A battle of good vs evil will ensue.

Eddy faces off Jimmy by pelting him with a ray of coins. Edd faces off Sarah by using bacon fat vapors to render her immobile. Both attacks work, and the battle is thought to be over. Jimmy, however, emerges from the coin pile and zaps Eddy with his Sissy Rays. Sarah then touches Edd, infecting him with cooties. Eddy is now preoccupied with his fingernails, and Edd is paralyzed by cooties. The fate of the battle is now up to Ed, who pelts Jimmy and Sarah with slime balls.

The attack is successful, but the battle ends when an angry Sarah yells at Ed, breaking the fantasy. The Eds now realize they are in Ed's backyard. Enraged that Ed has thrown mud at her and Jimmy, Sarah chases after the Eds. As is typical of the Eds upsetting Sarah, all three must now run to avoid facing her wrath.

Super Hero/Villain Identities[]

  • Ed: "Mutator, King of Slime"
  • Edd: "The Cranium"
  • Eddy: "Mr. Cash"
  • Sarah: "Tantrum Bighead"
  • Jimmy: "Sissy-Pants Jones"


  • Goof: Eddy introduces the scam as "Uncle Eddy's Pony Rides", but the sign above him clearly reads "Cowboy Eddy's Pony Rides".
  • When riding the fake horse, Jimmy says "Yippee-ki-yay!" This references a famous line spoken by actor Bruce Willis in the 1988 movie, Die Hard.
    • Jimmy also references actor Roy Rogers when he says "Roy Rogers, eat your heart out!"