Ed, Edd n Eddy

Sugar, Spice & Ed is an Ed, Edd n Eddy comic. In it, the Eds dress up as girls in an attempt to get free stuff, preferably jawbreakers. It was published by DC Comics in Cartoon Network Block Party Issue #9, and later re-issued in Cartoon Network All-Stars Omnibus.


The Eds are conducting their latest scam; a trampoline, or Tramp-Ol-Ed, as it is called, in the playground. Ed has been outfitted with a mattress, and Eddy intends to charge the kids 25 cents to bounce on him (much to Edd's concern). Eddy begins jumping on Ed, holding a sign and shouting for all to try it. Upon doing this, he makes an interesting observation in the distance.

Kevin has given Nazz a jawbreaker, with the aim of winning her affection. Jealous, Eddy ponders why Nazz has been given a free jawbreaker, and he hasn't. Edd then explains a puzzling aspect of society: gender dynamics. Noticing that Eddy is confused, he opts to explain it in simpler terms: Nazz is a girl, and Eddy is a boy. Realizing this, Eddy immediately sees an opportunity.

The Eds are back at Eddy's house, changing their clothes behind a screen. Eddy's latest plan is for the Eds to dress up as girls (using Eddy's Mother's clothes), and see what they can get for free. Ed and Edd are now Lumpita and Dina, respectively. Eddy does not adopt a pretend name, though.

Eddy's first stop is Kevin's House. Hoping to get free jawbreakers, Eddy pays Kevin a compliment. Not interested, Kevin retreats inside; only for Eddy to keep up the act.

Things go awry very quickly though. Rolf becomes infatuated with Lumpita (Ed), carrying her back to his house. Jonny, meanwhile, chases after Dina (Edd), adamant about showing her his splinter collection.

In a final attempt at free jawbreakers, Eddy begins to shimmy down Kevin's chimney. Hoping to get a "welcome home present", Eddy pays Kevin one last compliment. As he does this, though, Eddy's wig falls off, revealing who he really is. Annoyed, Kevin simply kicks him out, quite literally.

Wrapping up the venture, Edd and Eddy regroup and attempt to find Ed. They then find him at Rolf's House, doing farm work, much to Rolf's enjoyment and Eddy's amusement.


  • Goof: Edd's wig is orange instead of yellow when he peeks out from the mailbox.
  • The title is a reference to the phrase "sugar, spice & everything nice." This phrase originates from the early 19th century nursery rhyme What Are Little Boys Made Of?, and are the key components to creating the titular characters of The Powerpuff Girls.
  • Kevin's House is normally painted a yellow-green color. In this comic, it is light purple.
  • Kevin calls Eddy "Dorkarella". This is a reference to the classic fairy tale, Cinderella.
  • At the end, Ed says "I am woman, hear me dig." This is a reference to Helen Reddy's song, I Am Woman.
  • Rolf normally has one pig, Wilfred. At the end of the comic, Rolf has 2 pigs.
  • The comic was also published in the UK Cartoon Network magazine, issue #95.