Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Student Driver Car was a vehicle constructed by the Eds in "Is There an Ed in the House?" It was used in one of Eddy's scams, Triple E Free Driving School (School was misspelled as "Skool"). It looked like a very small car. Its purpose was to be the test vehicle for the "students" to drive in and it was supposed to travel through a makeshift obstacle course, similar to a real driving test.

Its only problem was that it had no brake pedal nor a brake handle to bring it to a halt. This was shown when Edd was helping Nazz get her "driver's license." The car has pillows for seats, hand mirrors, and electrical cables for seatbelts.

Strangely enough, it is hinted that Edd did not build this vehicle, but perhaps only took a limited amount of work in its construction. After realizing that the car has no brakes, Edd yells to Eddy and Ed: "You forgot to put in a brake?!" This hints that one of the other two built it or were at least responsible for the inclusion of brakes and possibly other parts.


  • Wagon (Body)
  • Pieces of Cardboard (Car Pieces)
  • Hand Mirrors (Mirrors)
  • Steering Wheel (Steering Piece)
  • Cable Wires (Seat Belts)
  • Pillows (Seats)


  • The car resembles a number of commercial utility vehicles, though the front grill and the boxy shape are reminiscent of the Hummer H2.

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