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"Stiff Upper Ed" is the 21st episode of Season 4 and the 98th episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, the Eds aren't allowed to join Sarah's club since they are not members, so they try to find a way to get in and join the club.


The Eds' new venture, Triple-E Bubble Wrap, attracts the attention of Rolf, Jonny and Plank. After Eddy, dressed up as Nazz, Kevin, Sarah and Jimmy, advertises for their scam, Edd demonstrates the joy of popping bubble wrap, but fails to pop a single bubble. Ed then pops a number of bubble wrap sheets in his mouth, startling Edd; sending him bouncing on the piles of bubble wrap, destroying the entire stock. Rolf and Jonny are interested in buying the bubble wrap, but Ed informs Eddy that Edd destroyed all of the bubble wrap. Eddy tells Ed to get the rest of his backyard shed, but is immediately ejected out of the yard by Sarah. Eddy tries to claim the rest of the bubble wrap out of Ed's shed; only to find himself ejected by 'Countess Sarah' and 'Master Jimmy'. The "countess" informs The Eds that Ed's backyard is the venue of their 'Rich Club' and that only members can go into the backyard. Any commoners like the Eds aren't accepted in. Edd is charmed by their rendition of an opulent lifestyle, but Eddy, outraged that he was excluded from the rich club, is more determined to do anything to get in.

Eddy tries to get in by taking the persona of 'Eddy McRich', a champion yacht-racer who had just returned from a safari and carries a fake one million dollar bill in an oversized wallet. However, Sarah and Jimmy aren't impressed by his credentials and decides to ignore him and his "servants". Their guests, Lady Nazz, The Duke of Deli Meats (Rolf) and Jonny and Plank (who happen to be wearing colanders and pans on their heads) soon arrive and are warmly greeted by Countess Sarah and Master Jimmy as The Eds continue to try and come up with ways to enter their club.

The Countess Sarah and Master Jimmy enjoy a rousing game of Polo with their guests, until they're interrupted by Eddy McRich, dressed in a toga and riding in a chariot pulled by his servants. Jimmy asks for The Eds' invitations, but Eddy points out the rest of their guests didn't need any invitations. Sir Kevin (who isn't as well-dressed as the others) arrives and is greeted by Jimmy, prompting more protest from Eddy over Kevin's choice of dress. Sarah, tired of the Eds' antics, begins angrily advance up to The Eds to kick them out, however, Master Jimmy stops Sarah from doing so. After having a discussion with Sarah, The Kids agree to make The Eds their new members, but unbeknownst to The Eds, they intend to make them their own personal servants.

The Eds, dressed in suits like butlers, soon find themselves at work keeping the members happy. Eddy is instructed to carry Master Jimmy to the backyard pond, while Edd carries Lady Nazz's umbrella only to get hollered by The Duke of Deli Meats, demands for sustenance, Ed is asked to tie Sir Kevin's shoes, which he fails to do so. Eddy is soon forced to carry Jimmy and Sarah in a giant box on his back, only to find that Jimmy and Sarah are inviting more guests to join them, but soon Eddy is unable to bear the weight and is squashed to the ground. A dazed Eddy tells Edd that he learned that "Being rich ain't different than being a two-bit servant!". Eddy then questions to Edd "Ain't life grand?" before the camera irises in on him.


  • Goof:
    • When Kevin asks Ed to tie his shoe, it was Kevin's left shoe that was untied. After Ed tied it to his hand, he is holding Kevin's right shoe.
  • When Eddy sends Ed to get more bubble wrap, Ed reuses the line "But I can't dance, Eddy!" from "Honor Thy Ed".
  • One of the unicorns is named "Margot", according to the sign on her stable. This refers to producer Dan Sioui's pet bulldog of the same name.
  • When the "yacht" sinks, the chorus of "Rule, Britannia!" can be heard.
  • The glasses that Nazz wears are reminiscent of the "Fashion Glasses" fad in "It's Way Ed."


Vlcsnap-2014-12-26-22h20m20s158 "Where's the cash?!?" – Eddy
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