Ed, Edd n Eddy

One of Ed's many comic books.

Square Dancers From the Outer Reaches is a comic book that Ed seems to read. The cover suggests that it is about a giant square dancing robot/alien that has heat vision and has gone completely haywire. It appears to be destroying a city in the late 19th–early 20th century time period. From this, it can be presumed that it fits in the steampunk genre.

Apparently, it is the 87th issue of the Shocking Fantasy brand. It was glanced at by Edd in the episode "The Eds are Coming" when he was trying to find out about the "aliens" invading Rolf's house by reading Ed's comics. It is not known why Edd was drawn to this comic in particular; Ed never mentioned anything about square dancing, or any dancing at all, in his recollection of what happened while he was at Rolf's house. This is one of the two comics that Edd picked up while in Ed's house that seemed to have no pertinence to the matter at hand (the invasion); the other was No-Body Man, which appeared in an earlier episode.