Ed, Edd n Eddy

Spare Ed is an Ed, Edd n Eddy comic. In it, the Eds acquire an antique wooden leg, and imagine what they will be able to do with it. It was published by DC Comics in Cartoon Network Block Party Issue #40, and later re-issued in Cartoon Network All-Stars Omnibus.


Jonny is walking with Plank while carrying a wooden leg. While talking to Plank, Jonny mentions that the leg belonged to Plank's ancestors. The Eds observe from behind a tree, each expressing fascination with it.

As such, the Eds approach Jonny, eager to get the leg. Jonny says that he will trade it for 3 Jawbreakers. Not happy with this offer, Eddy becomes irked. Noticing this, Jonny says he will trade it for something else.

Immediately, Eddy picks up Ed and shakes him, causing miscellaneous items to fall out of Ed's jacket. Eddy says that Jonny can pick any of these items to trade for. Seeing a specific comic book he was looking for, Jonny gladly trades the leg for it.

With the Eds now in possession of the leg, they each want to do something different with it. Ed, wants to use it as a backscratcher, Edd wants to study it, and Eddy wants to use it for a scam.

With Eddy being the most persistent, he gets a hold of the leg. The first person Eddy attempts to scam is Rolf, who takes notice of the leg. Thinking it will make a fine replacement for his Nana's current wooden leg, he agrees to pay Eddy 25¢ a day to rent it.

Ed and Edd are not happy with this arrangement, though. A struggle for the leg ensues, with the Eds and Rolf with Eddy each attempting to take it. In the struggle, the leg breaks.

With the leg now broken, Eddy is furious. Rolf, however, still believes the leg is salvageable, and offers "The Giant Clamshell of Freedom" for the pieces. Seeing another opportunity, Eddy accepts the offer. With the Eds now in possession of a giant clam, each of them thinks of their own plans once again (Ed wants to use it to become a bull fighting "clamquistodor", Edd wants to clone it to learn new facts about sea life, and Eddy wants to make it into a "clam-mobile" and charge people to ride it).


  • Goof: Edd's shirt is the same color as his shorts in a panel on the third page.
  • Eddy references Eggo Waffles when he says, "Leggo my leg!"