Ed, Edd n Eddy

Sewer Rat Balloon Bash was a game on the Cartoon Network Asia website.


There are two stages to the gameplay. In the first stage, you use Edd to lower Ed into the sewers to collect the bottles floating at the bottom. You have to make sure that Ed doesn't get bitten by the rats and that he doesn't drown in the sewage. You can recharge Ed's health by keeping him aboveground. He has to collect ten bottles to move on to the next stage.

In the second stage, Eddy has a water balloon fight with Marie while Ed floats by overhead. You have to pelt Marie with balloons. Ed can help out–if you throw him a balloon while he's headed towards the Kanker, he will drop it on her, but if you throw it to him while he's headed in Eddy's direction, he will drop it on Eddy. If you haven't won after using up your fifty balloons, you're sent back to the first stage to collect more bottles to trade in for water balloons.

In both stages, you have three lives.


  • The collection of bottles is a reference to the Soda Bottle Refund scam in "Dawn of the Eds" while the water fight with ___ is a reference to the Battle of Club Ed in "Virt-Ed-Go."
  • Whenever Ed gets nipped by a rat or Eddy gets hit with a balloon, a voice that clearly does not belong to either of them will say "Ow!"
  • The rats are larger than Ed.
  • Sometimes, water balloons will hit Eddy or Marie and not register as a hit.


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