Ed, Edd n Eddy

Secret Ed-Mirer is an Ed, Edd n Eddy comic. In it, the Eds mistakenly believe Nazz has a crush on one of them. It was published by DC Comics in Cartoon Cartoons comic issue #11.


Jimmy and Sarah are dressed up in costume. Jimmy is Cupid, and Sarah is "Beauty, the Goddess of Love". While attempting to shoot an arrow, Jimmy accidentally sends it over the fence.

In another area, the Eds are operating their latest scam: selling (cardboard) toasters for 10¢ each. Suddenly, an arrow is rapidly inbound. Although he sought cover, the arrow strikes Eddy in the forehead. Unknown to the Eds, this was the arrow Jimmy accidentally shot over the fence.

Attached to the arrow is a love letter. Although Eddy is repulsed at the thought of having a secret admirer, he insists there is no way to know which of the three Eds it was meant for. Edd, realizing Eddy is correct, seeks to identify the sender by process of elimination.

When Nazz is brought up as a potential sender, the Eds go home; each formulating a plan to win her over. Ed wants to give her a monster figurine, Edd wants to give her a freshly laundered sock, and Eddy cleans himself up to impress her.

Eventually, all three Eds head out and try to win Nazz over. Things do not go as planned, though. While trying to impress Nazz, Eddy fell off of a fire hydrant, and onto Rolf's goat, Victor. Angered by this, Victor charges into all three of the Eds. With this misfortune, Edd now realizes the Eds are letting a potential crush ruin their friendship. The Eds now devise a simple solution: ask Nazz who the note was for.

When approaching Nazz, though, the Eds get too nervous to talk to her. Instead, Eddy has Jonny ask Nazz about the note. To do this, Eddy fabricated a story that the note is a distant cousin of Plank, from the papery side of Plank's family. Additionally, Eddy says the note is lost, and can't remember which Ed it was supposed to go to.

When presented with the note, Nazz points out that she didn't write it. With this revelation, Eddy now believes the only other senders left are the Kanker Sisters. The comic concludes with the Eds hiding in a storm drain for an undetermined amount of time.


  • The Eds charge 10¢ for the toasters. Ordinarily, the Eds charge customers in increments of 25¢.