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Samuel Vincent (born Samuel Vincent Khouth on October 5, 1971) is a Canadian voice actor and singer who works with the Ocean Group based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, he was born in North Vancouver, British Columbia and has Lebanese ancestry. He is best known as Edd from Ed, Edd n Eddy.

His notable anime roles include Athrun Zala from Gundam SEED, Dexter from Hamtaro, Peach Man (Tokajin) from Inuyasha, and Julian Star from Cardcaptors. Other roles from animations include Forge from X-Men Evolution, Baby Bugs, Baby Daffy, and Baby Tweety from Baby Looney Tunes, Krypto from Krypto the Superdog, Jerry Mouse in Tom and Jerry Tales, Sonic the Hedgehog's singing voice in Sonic Underground (replacing Jaleel White), Russell Ferguson from the 2012 version of Littlest Pet Shop, Flim from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the title character, and the alien Billy of Martin Mystery, and as of 2018, Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon in Ninjago (previously known as Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu). He also voiced Charizard's singing voice from Charizard Nitan.

Vincent started voice acting in 1990. He was born in the same place as Matt Hill, the voice of Ed in Ed, Edd n Eddy. The two are often cast together as friends, most famously as the two protagonists of the Gundam SEED franchise; Athrun Zala (Vincent) and Kira Yamato (Hill). Vincent maintains a friendship with Hill.

He is sometimes credited as Sam Vincent or Sam Khouth. His late brother, Gabe Khouth, was also a voice actor. He had worked alongside Samuel on Gundam SEED, playing Nicol Amalfi.


  • In "Truth or Ed", a paper describing a photo of the "Vincent Family" can be seen on Bobby Blabby's (Eddy's) desk.



Sam Vincent interviewed by Studio Kaiju...


Fan Expo Vancouver 2012 - Sam Vincent As Double D

Vincent performs the voice of Edd for a fan

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