Ed, Edd n Eddy

The SS Too Rich is Eddy McRich's yacht, which made its first and only appearance in "Stiff Upper Ed." The yacht is in fact, a fake boat that runs on wheels. The Eds used this boat as part of their second attempt to convince Sarah and Jimmy to let them join their club. While Sarah and Jimmy were watching their toy yachts cross the finish line in their yacht race, the Eds  arrived in their makeshift yacht. Once they arrived, they tried to sound and look rich with their yacht, but Sarah and Jimmy were unimpressed by it and the Eds' attempt to join them. Eddy tried to spice it up a bit more by showing off his 1st place yacht racing trophy which Edd was polishing, but the duo still wasn't convinced enough. When Ed is told by Eddy to sound the horn, the former then unintentionally breaks the support beam with his saluting arm, causing the ship to fall back and "sink" until it completely fell to the ground with the Eds still on it (as they forgot to put lifeboats on the yacht as Edd realized). After witnessing this unimpressive attempt, Jimmy asks Sarah if she wishes to eat some truffles and white chocolate. Sarah agrees and notes that is richer than she is before they have a good laugh and carry on.

Construction Items[]

  • Plywood (Body and Platform Pieces)
  • Trash Can (Front Wheel)
  • Metal Can (Middle Wheel)
  • Bike Wheel (Back Wheel)
  • Cardboard Piece (Funnel)
  • Steering Wheel (Steering Piece)
  • Hockey Stick (Flag Pole)
  • White Rag with a Dollar sign (Flag)


Eddy McRich ordered Ed to sound the horn but somehow Ed accidentally chopped the piece of wood supporting the yacht. The boat started falling apart by the stern as the platform got goes down along with the rest of the boat. Edd and Eddy were still on the platform while the boat imploded and collapsed to pieces.


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