Ed, Edd n Eddy

The S.S. Mutant Almost a Chicken Duck is a boat that Edd made in Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show. The boat was designed to look like a duck, as Edd didn't want to hurt the local fauna. The boat was made as a means of transportation to bring the Eds down a river. They could also go to the ocean to find Eddy's brother, as it was mentioned that he was a whaler and would most likely be living out at the ocean due to that. The boat was named by Ed and christened (unsuccessfully) by Edd. Unfortunately, they crashed in a swampy area due to currents that proved unfavorable, meaning the Eds had to continue their quest on foot once again.


  • When she was christened with an empty soda bottle, the bottle didn't break (or even touch) on the boat, an occurrence traditionally regarded by sailors as a sign of bad luck. This may have been a means of foreshadowing the vessel's destruction.
  • Of the three seaworthy vessels the Eds have constructed (the SS Too Rich isn't technically "seaworthy"), the others being the Luxury Cruise Liner and the Sewer Boat, the S.S. Mutant Almost a Chicken Duck is the only one to have been given a proper name, despite the unsuccessful christening.
  • The boat included paint, though it's unknown where the paint came from.