Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Séance was a scam that was featured in "Rambling Ed." It involved Eddy trying to make contact with spirits from the dead for his customers, Jonny, Plank, and Rolf. His outfit was set to match the scam with a pillow for a turban and a towel for a cape, not to mention his disco ball in lieu of a real crystal ball. The whole scam was set inside of a makeshift tent made out of a red shower curtain in Ed's basement. The atmosphere for the scam was provided by Ed and Edd, with Double D playing the pedal steel guitar. For most of the scam, part of the melody to "The Streets of Cairo" can be heard in the background.

The entire scam's profits consisted of Eddy rigging up a can that would shake on command to signal that the spirits needed "bus fair" to join the mortals. Once the fare was received, it was planned that Ed (covered in flour to look like a ghost) would come in on a pulley. Initially, the scam went well, with Rolf and Jonny scared by the "ghost". It ended up failing when Sarah came in and dragged Ed up to her room to get rid of one of his socks. As such, Rolf, Jonny, and Plank received a refund.


  • One of Eddy's summoning phrases was "Salami, baloney, and pumpernickeloaf! Listen up, you spirits of the Underwood!" To this, Rolf states that Eddy may have angered the spirits, revealing that in Rolf's culture, it is a travesty to mix salami and bologna.
    • This summoning phrase is a reference to Scott Underwood, a storyboard artist for the show.