Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Rolling Pin Roader (unofficial name) is a machine used by Edd in "Ed or Tails" in the race against the other two Eds. The roader is quite slow, only being powered by a single fan, but it served Edd well. It was able to crush the sausage "blockade" that Eddy set up and survived crashing into Rolf's House. The roader had the ability to dispense a watering can as well as a push-mower. The roader was destroyed when Eddy hung the fan on the branch of a tree, making the lower part of the machine fly away. Edd had to abandon the upper half while he was hanging.

Construction Items[]

  • Rolling Pin (front wheel)
  • Spatula (seat)
  • Desk Fan (engine)
  • Line paper (sail)
  • 3 pencils (support for the sail)
  • Helmet (the sail is attached here)
  • Backpack (the fan is spawned from here)
  • Tinker Toys (structural support)
  • Watering Can (secret weapon)
  • Push Mower (secret weapon)