Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Money Tree is a scam that Rolf (and possibly Jimmy) came up with in "Here's Mud in Your Ed" to get back at Eddy for his Smileyville scam. The intent was that the duo would trick Eddy into buying a money tree seed from them. For this reason, they created a "money tree" complete with dollar-bill leaves (really soup can labels that had been scribbled on). Amazingly, Eddy believed this and was willing to buy the tree. However, Rolf refused to sell it, instead telling Eddy he'd have to buy a money tree seed. Eddy gladly obliged, giving Rolf all of his worldly possessions in exchange for a discarded spool.

Later, of course, Eddy found out about the deception (by way of Edd) and went over to Rolf's house to try and get his stuff back by any means necessary. However, Rolf was able to talk him into buying what he called "the real money tree seed". Eddy agreed, and was given a bolt. Eddy then immediately planted the bolt in Rolf's lawn and waited for it to grow, even though both Ed and Edd knew that the seed was fake.


  • This scam marks the only time that Jimmy and Rolf have teamed up against Eddy.
  • This is the second time Eddy is taken by fake money, the first being in "Laugh Ed Laugh."