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Rolf's House is located next door to Edd's House and Jonny's House. Rolf's house is unique from all the others, as it is the only house on the block that has a small farm in the backyard. The layout of Rolf's house has remained constant during all the seasons with the exception of "Here's Mud in Your Ed."


Living Room[]

Much of Rolf's living room was seen in "Knock Knock Who's Ed?", where the Eds invaded his house so they could watch his TV. His living room has some old fashioned furniture which Edd describes as "Old-World Colonial." His couches are covered with plastic slip covers (which Eddy thinks are used to keep them fresh), he has a fancy chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and a painting of a giant squid resembling the mythological 'Kraken' on one of the walls. He also possesses a few strange items such as an urn/snow-globe containing the ashes of his Great Nano that sits upon the fireplace mantle, a giant medieval flail mounted on one of his walls, a Walrus clock, two seahorse candle holders sitting on a cabinet, a painting of the Easter Island Heads, a drinking bird (which Ed tries to mimic), and a weird TV set with a small screen with only four channels labeled "Kraz," "Voit," "Blutz," and "Noig." Eddy switched the TV to channel "Voit" in order to watch the monster movie marathon. Also, Rolf occasionally bathes in his living room in turnip juice as seen in "A Town Called Ed."


Like any other house, it also comes with a kitchen. This kitchen, however, has a unique feature. It has a center island that rolls to the side to reveal a fire pit used to heat up cooking pots the old fashioned way. The kitchen also has many shelves that contain Rolf's cooking supplies and such. It also has a normal refrigerator and a small dining table that sits six people. There are also giant slabs of meat hanging from the ceiling. The entrance to the kitchen is across the hall from the bathroom.


Rolf's bathroom was only seen in "Oath to an Ed" and "Knock Knock Who's Ed?." Some of the unique items in there include a picture of a sausage hanging on the wall, a high tank toilet (where the toilet tank and flusher hang high above the toilet bowl), a radiator next to the toilet, and a medicine cabinet with the items stacked on top of the cabinet instead of inside of it. There is also an air vent in the ceiling in which the Eds used to escape back into the living room.

Rolf's Bedroom[]

Directly down the hallway from the living room, in the same hallway as the bathroom, is Rolf's bedroom. The door to Rolf's Room has a wooden plaque on it with "Rolf" engraved on it. Rolf's room has a queen-sized bed, a nightstand with an adjustable lamp, a dresser drawer, a bag of an unknown substance, bluish-plaid wallpaper, and pictures of meat such as a hambone and sausage links formed in the shape of an "R". It first appeared in "Rambling Ed" where Rolf tried to escape Ed's snoring by sleeping in his own room only to find Edd and Eddy had already occupied the room. It's second appearance was in "Here's Mud in Your Ed," where Jimmy was seen sleeping over (to Rolf's dismay).

There is a continuity error regarding what floor his room is located. In "Rambling Ed," it is located on the first floor while in "Here's Mud in Your Ed," it was located on the second floor.

The Hallway[]

There is a hallway that connects most of the rooms in the house. The hallway starts from the living room and ends at a door to Rolf's room. The door to the bathroom and the door to the kitchen are also located along the hallway. The only other objects here are a picture of The Easter Islands Heads (which have appeared in more than 4 episodes) and a picture of a chicken.


Rolf's backyard also serves as his very own farm. It first appeared in "Flea-Bitten Ed." His farm includes a garden where he plants and grows his vegetables and a shed where he stores his tools and supplies. Ed once moved into his shed in "Rambling Ed," but was forced to move out. Rolf also has a small chicken pen to house some of his chickens. The rest of Rolf's animals are allowed to roam freely around his backyard, however, this may sometimes be a problem as Victor and Wilfred have been known to ruin Rolf's garden. There is also an outside entrance to Rolf's cellar, which he once used to hide in when the Kankers destroyed the Cul-de-Sac.



In "Run for your Ed," it is shown that Rolf's house has a cellar, whose entrance is in the backyard. In an emergency, it is big enough to hide Rolf and his farm animals.

Underground Lair[]

In "No Speak Da Ed," it is shown that Rolf has an underground lair. It is only accessible by turning a faucet that opens a trapdoor next to the shed. Inside is a deep staircase that leads down to a torchlit chamber. Inside this chamber are a throne, numerous sheep, and two large fire pits. The walls are made of brick and decorated with sheep banners.

During Christmas[]

As always, Rolf really stands out when it comes to any holiday. In "Fa-La-La-La-Ed," his house is beet-themed, but during Ed, Edd n Eddy's Jingle Jingle Jangle, his house is meat-themed. To celebrate, he dresses up as a lamb and hangs random meats on his house as if they were Christmas lights. Inside his house, he makes the 'meat lights' an understatement. Everywhere you look there is meat such as a large steak in the fireplace, bacon strips hanging like sockings, a Christmas tree sculpted from various meats, a large octopus on the buffet table with sausages as garlands, an armchair built from ham, chicken, and fish, and, most importantly, portraits of the famed "Yeshmiyek" in both paintings and tapestries.


  • The TV in Rolf's house appears to be outdated, and it's controls are not labeled in English. As such, it is possible the TV was brought from the Old Country.
  • Rolf's house is the only house in the Cul-de-Sac with a basketball hoop. 
  • Rolf and Nazz have the only two houses with high tank toilets.


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