Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Rocket Car is a "car" or pod that was built by Edd in "Ready, Set... Ed!" as a record-breaking vehicle that could travel around the world at 600 mph. In reality, the car was nothing more than a simple prop, as it lacked an engine to make it operable. Ed stuffed all the Kids into the pod with a broom, as it was proven to be too small, and it began. Ed and Edd, with the help of a moving background and a lot of costumes, faked the car traveling around the world. Kevin, after figuring out the scam, pulled everyone one out, tied up Ed and Edd and put them in the pod, pulled Eddys head through the cone and loaded the popcorn machine, that made the pod bumpy and watched it explode and shooting the pod into the sky. After Kevin sabotaged the car, it landed down the World's Scariest BMX Ramp and crashed in the end, destroying it, It was a short lived fake vehicle.

It was later mentioned by Eddy in "The Good Ol' Ed," as one of the scams the Eds remembered. The Rocket Car is also one of the few vehicles built that wasn't actually a means of transportation.

Places it "flew" through[]

  • Scotland
  • Switzerland
  • Mexico
  • The "Specific" Ocean (really the Pacific Ocean)
  • Egypt (not seen)
  • Africa (not seen)
  • Afghanistan (not seen)
  • A tropical location


  • Scrap metal (body pieces)
  • 3 wheels (landing gear)
  • Traffic cone (nose)
  • Pot lid (hatch)
  • Trash can (motor)
  • Duck tape
  • Bolts
  • Round window
  • Popcorn machine (vibration/simulated movement)