Ed, Edd n Eddy

Revolt of the Rotting Brains is a comic that Ed owns. It was only seen in Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show. Beyond the information given in the title, not much is revealed about it. It appeared when Ed pulled it out of his jacket to show his friends an ad for the Lemon Brook Gag Factory; as Edd figured out that Eddy's Brother was an inveterate prankster and would therefore probably be located somewhere he could be supplied with a lot of gags. When they got to the factory, however, they found that it had long been abandoned, with a thick film of dust everywhere. Upon seeing this, Edd looks over the comic again and discovers that it's over ten years old, noting to his friends that the factory has clearly gone out of business since the comic was originally published. Angered by this, Eddy tosses the comic away. It's unknown what happened to it afterwards, as Ed chased after it but was never shown finding it again.


  • According to the copyright date, the comic is over ten years old. As the Eds are all implied to be preteens, this raises the question of how Ed got the comic. It is possible that Ed's parents bought, or gave him the comic when he was a small child. Alternatively, Ed may have found it himself.
    • Similarly, Ed refers to the comic as a classic.
  • The back cover of the comic advertises a weight loss program. It features an image of a bicycle, along with a before and after silhouette of a person claiming to have lost 61 pounds.