Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Manual.

Not to be confused with the Psychology Manual.

The Reverse Psychology Manual is a book which was used by the Eds in "A Twist of Ed" to try and stop the Kanker Sisters from annoying them. Edd didn't really use the manual to fix the problem in that episode, having instead gotten an unlikely inspiration for his idea from Rolf. Edd used the book to show Eddy and Ed that the science of reverse psychology exists and that it can be the solution to their problem. The cover of the book is red. It is also seen in the opening of "Tinker Ed," where Jonny 2x4 is seen reading the book. Oddly enough, the book is in Ed's school locker. It should probably be in Edd's locker, as Edd owns it.


  • The book's author is Dr. Kent Webb, who is named after one of the show's storyboard artists.

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