Ed, Edd n Eddy

Retire Ed is an Ed, Edd n Eddy comic. In it, Eddy believes he has exhausted all possible scams, and must retire. It was published by DC Comics in Cartoon Network Block Party issue #17, and later re-issued in Cartoon Network All-Stars Omnibus.


The Eds are going around the Cul-De-Sac, with Eddy looking for customers to scam. Edd, however, points out that every potential scam on his list has been exhausted; some of their scams have even been attempted twice. Believing his days of scamming are over, Eddy decides to retire. He then heads back home to relax.

Later on, Ed and Edd observe Eddy relaxing on his lawn. Walking by, Rolf plays with a quarter he was paid for helping his Nana. This, however, does not reinvigorate Eddy. Determined to get Eddy back to his old ways, Edd devises a plan.

Edd has Ed abscond with Jimmy and Sarah's tea set, causing Sarah to give chase. When running past Edd and Eddy, Edd claims the chaos should create an opportunity for a scam. Seeing this commotion, Jonny wants to get in on it as well. He even offers a quarter to jump on Ed's head, as he saw Sarah doing. Even with the prospect of a paying customer, though, Eddy is still not motivated.

After this plan fails, Ed and Edd sit on the curb, not knowing what to do. Eventually, Eddy talks to them and tells them that leisure has given him an idea for a scam. When pressed for details, Eddy hesitates, stating that he is still retired. Fed up with the new Eddy, Ed hits him over the head with a rake. Giving in, Eddy decides to come out of retirement.

Eddy's new scam is "Eddy's Piñata Party". For 25¢, customers can pick a tool to hit the piñatas with. The "piñatas", however, are simply Ed and Edd suspended from ropes. Business is shown to be booming, with well over $1 in the money jar. Ed finds the experience to be fun. Edd, however, does not share this sentiment.