Ed, Edd n Eddy

Rent-A-Clown was a scam that appeared in the beginning of "Ed or Tails." It was a scam that started off with Eddy interviewing Jimmy trying to imply to him that his life was boring. His overall guarantee was to improve the kids' lives and reduce their dullness by simply having them rent a clown, which were just Ed and Edd dressed up in poorly made clown costumes. The scam ultimately came to an end when Eddy offered a free demonstration to the kids of how much fun the clowns can be by having them fit into a wind up car, which in turn drove off with them after going haywire and steering out of control. The kids were not amused and just simply walked away.

Dullness Criteria[]

  • Boring
  • Lack a life
  • Unconscious/Dead from the neck up