Ed, Edd n Eddy

A pudding skin with a happy face on it.

Pudding Skin is the crusted rim of pudding. It hardens on the surface of pudding when pudding is left to cool. The pudding skin will stretch from one end of the pudding to the other, covering the soft pudding beneath it. Ed apparently likes pudding skin, as revealed in "Cry Ed," when Edd promised him an entire surface of it if he helped him. In "Little Ed Blue," Edd made a pudding skin and carved a smiley face into it as part of his efforts to cheer Ed up. Like most attempts made in the episode, it didn't work. Pudding skin seems to be regular pudding, but much thicker and is able to stay together even when held. Its only actual appearance was in "Little Ed Blue." Pudding skin, when drawn in the show, looks like a pancake, such as the giant one seen in "The Good Ol' Ed." The pudding skin that Edd made appears to have been made with chocolate pudding, as the pudding (and the skin) is brown.