Ed, Edd n Eddy

Hey, Double D! The rocket needs work!



—Edd, replying frustratedly, "Dawn of the Eds"

The Rocket was one of Edd's projects featured in "Dawn of the Eds." Edd first builds a prototype rocket before the real one can be built, which Eddy tests. It is propelled simply by sheer kinetic force - being launched from a giant spring and nothing else. The prototype fails spectacularly when the entire rocket crumbles apart very shortly after launch, leaving Eddy to the mercy of gravity. Luckily for him, the parachute opened up, slowing his descent until the parachute detaches after Edd carelessly tosses its remote control over his shoulder, bringing Eddy crashing down right on top of Edd. The rocket's final design is never seen and all future attempts at DIY rocketry have been permanently scrapped by the Eds, having learned their lesson well.

In the game Nightmare in Space, the Eds use an aircraft which has a similar, if not reuses the same, design as the Prototype Rocket to make their way back to Earth. In the game, the rocket is also equipped with weaponry, although it mainly shoots screws, bubblegum, water, and other mostly harmless objects.

Construction Items[]

  • Metal Frame (Bottom Piece)
  • Scrap Metal (Body Pieces)
  • Steering Wheel (Steerage Piece)
  • Giant Spring (Launcher)
  • Various Other Items (Controls)
  • Metal Cone (Nose)
  • 3 Kites (Fins)